Skyrim Adventures : Part 6 A Whole New World

This is part 6 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link.

Part 5 The Depths

Part 6 A Whole New World

Kally stepped out of the pale blue, swirling portal. His stomach churned and his head felt tense as his entire form was transported an immeasurable distance. As his eyesight acclimatised to his new surroundings, he saw a large metal portcullis much like the one that guarded the portal on the other side.

Skyrim Adventures Portal to Falskaar

There was no way for him to lift the portcullis, and the portal had since disappeared. The trapped feeling ebbed away as soon as he saw a well armoured man walking towards him from the other side of the gate.

‘Haven’t seen a traveler come this way in a while. Looks like I got lucky’ said the guard.

‘Lucky? Why?’ asked Kally sensing that the luck wouldn’t go both ways.

‘I was rescuing a chap called Mecaius from a whole cave full of bandits when I heard weird noises in here. Now you can help me clear them out. You have a bow. I assume you can be of some use?’

‘What is in it for me?’

‘Not much, although seeing as you’re trapped in there and I am the only one who can free you. I figured you might just consider that.’

Kally was both irritated and impressed. Blackmail was always a good tactic, a tactic he had used many times himself. ‘I see I do not have much of a choice.’

‘No. No you don’t. Hang on. Oh, I’m Olvir by the way’ the guard lowered the gate and Kally stepped out. ‘Follow me, cat’ Olvir said without bothering to ask for Kally’s name.

They ran out of the large door into the fresh air of the countryside. The sky was blue with a smattering of clouds, and birds chirped with complete ignorance of the ever-present dangers. The cave entrance was nearby, partially hidden by green trees and delicate blue flowers.

Although he would never admit it, Kally was glad that Olvir was with him inside of the cave. His arrows often failed to find their targets and when they did, the arrows scarcely penetrated their armour. Although a lucky couple of shots did at least bring one of the bandits down.Skyrim Adventures dead bandit

Towards the back of the cave, a man stood within a metal cage. That must be Mecaius He was guarded by a few more bandits, but they were unable to match Olvir’s swordsmanship, and were soon killed. Kally rifled through the pockets of the dead bandits and retrieved a few more gold, some gems and a potion.

‘You wouldn’t mind would you?’

Kally realised that Olvir was speaking to him.

‘Wouldn’t mind what?’ asked Kally.

‘Going back to Amber Creek with Mecaius and telling the Jarl that Yngvarr is working with the bandits.’

Skyrim Adventures Brittlerun CaveAmber Creek? What was Amber Creek? Kally had this overwhelming feeling that he was being dragged into something he shouldn’t really be part of. Then again Amber Creek was a village or settlement of some kind, and settlements were perfect places for Kally to extend his wealth.

Skyrim Adventures Amber CreekThe road to Amber Creek was long and winding. They both moved quickly, and within just under two hours they had reached Amber Creek.

Kally stopped to speak to a large bearded man, and found out that there was a boatman who would make the trip back home if he needed it. That was certainly a relief, there was still so much for him to do there, however the journey was far and to the south. Maybe there was a benefit in staying here for a little while longer. He had already been roped in to checking out a nearby cave called Bearclaw Cave, that would most likely spell his death unless he went carefully.

Mecaius had already pointed the way to the jarl who lived in the largest stone house in the village and then left to speak to the blacksmith about some business that was of no concern to Kally.

Skyrim Adventures Jarl of Amber CreekThe jarl was a man used to battle. He stood upright and clearly commanded attention and loyalty from all of his subjects. Well no matter, all Kally had to do was pass on the message and he would be free to explore the town. At least that’s what he thought. However the jarl, after hearing the message demanded Kally visited the local Priory. Honestly, he wasn’t quite sure why. He had lost concentration when he had spotted some silver goblets. However, he felt that saying ‘no’ to this jarl would not be beneficial to him.

He had been told the Priory wasn’t far and once again he didn’t seem to have any choice.

Skyrim Adventures Amber Creek Village Click here for the next part of Skyrim Adventure, Part 7: Feeling Homesick.

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