Skyrim Adventures : Part 7 Feeling Homesick

This is part 7 of Skyrim Adventures featuring my khajiit thief, Kally. To find out more click the ‘Skyrim Adventures‘ link.

Part 6 A Whole New World


Part 7 Feeling Homesick

Kally didn’t like the situation he was in. He tried to, after all there could be so much wealth here just ripe for the picking. There was something else. If it wasn’t for the help with killing those bandits at the caves, he may well be in several pieces.He had to get out, he had to get home.

He asked around, and there was a boatman who would take him back to Skyrim but by all accounts he was half way across this foreign land and there was no guarantee he would make it there in one piece, either. Well he had to try, but not before he had helped himself to some of the local goodies. After all, he needed to be well stocked for his journey back.

First stop, the general store. Kally had been here before so he knew that while the shop owner was serving downstairs, the upstairs would be uninhabited, and as luck would have it there is an outside door that leads straight to upstairs.

He crept towards the door. It was locked of course but he’d seen this type of lock before and it was no problem, within a matter of seconds the door had clicked open and Kally was inside. In truth the upper floor wasn’t filled with unimaginable wealth, the stock must all be in the cellar. Although, that didn’t stop him helping himself to a set of blue robes, a leather helm, a mammoth tusk and some straw that had been stored away in a locked chest. A nearby satchel, contained a lock pick and a few gold pieces, and there were two barrels, one filled with apples the other with raw meat.

skyrim adventures breaking roriks houseStill feeling a little light, Kally scoped out for his next target, Rorik’s house. He’d just seen Rorik enter the inn and the front door to his house was concealed from the rest of the village. Kally had his second target. Rorik’s house had even less than the shop, and after rummaging through his chests and shelves the only things of any value were a black robe and a cow hide. He packed away some baked potatoes and a portion of beef stew for the journey, he was sure to get hungry.

All of the other houses looked too well guarded to be broken into now, and he wasn’t going to wait another day before heading off so Kally started to prepare for his journey. First, he needed to do something with all the herbs and magic items he had picked up. Potions are always handy, and if he could enchant his own weapons he might just be able to stay alive long enough to be rich.

The inn had both an alchemists station and an enchanters table, and they weren’t charging people to use them either.

The inn was busy, and Kally wondered if there houses were as guarded as he thought, but his mind soon went back to his planning.

skyrim adventures alchemy table potionsHe took a few of the herbs and ingredients he had in his pockets and tasted a few of them. The dwarf oil was thick and tasted like old iron, a bug thorax was bitter and his tongue tingled slightly, while the death bell made his eyes ache and water. He had learned a few things from these herbs but only enough to make a potion that healed you, but made you tired, and a few potions that would help resist fire. ‘Well, they might come in handy’ he thought.

Despite breaking up all the magical items he had picked up, he was starting to understand very basic enchanting but he needed a soul gem before he could enchant things for himself.

He was about to leave the inn when a door caught his attention, it was the door to the downstairs room where the owners of the inn slept. He couldn’t resist, he crept downstairs. In the room were three beds, and at the foot of each bed there was a chest. Kally carefully and silently picked the lock on each chest and took anything of value. There was a garnet jewel, some gold pieces another leather helm, and some children’s toys. Kally had an unfamiliar pang of guilt when he tucked the children’s toys into his pockets almost strong enough to put them back, almost but not quite.

Kally checked his supplies. He certainly had enough food, and water, and his armour seemed to be in pretty good condition. The trouble was, he didn’t have enough arrow  and the ones he have had been taken from corpses. He needed some fresh arrows, and that took iron, or steel and some wood.

skyrim adventures chopping woodThe wood part was easy, next to the blacksmiths house was a wood chopping block, a woodcutter’s axe, and a lot of wood to chop. Within a few minutes he had more than enough wood for his arrows. The metal would be easy to get from the mine a little way north of the village, according to the blacksmith they also have a smelter there.

skyrim adventures kally mining picaxe iron oreFor once the mine wasn’t filled with bandits, or spiders or robots. Just a few miners happily getting on with their work, and completely ignorant of how much raw metal ore Kally was taking. He loaded up on iron, corrundium and a few lumps of silver, and took them to the smelter outside.

Once his iron and steel bars were ready he visited the blacksmith, who showed him how to make arrows, as well as a few basic techniques for jewellery making.  Within a few hours Kally had crafted armfuls of arrows, and six jeweled rings.

Kally was ready for his journey home, and he decided that Falskaar would just have to handle its own problems.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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