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Skyrim black sign title logo bethesdaThere are two things high on my priority list at the moment, writing and playing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and the latter seems to have a much higher priority than the former. I need a project that will both allow me to play Skyrim but also to get some writing practice. I think the answer is pretty obvious. I’ll start a new game of Skyrim and write about the adventures of that character.

Before I start off on my characters (whoever he or she may be) adventures, I need to set myself a couple of ground rules, and whittle down my mile-long list of mods and plugins to make it a challenge for me and engaging for the reader.

Rule #1 – No fast travel. I don’t want to be able to just leap across the map willy-nilly, as you miss out great swathes of challenges and play. So, the only method of fast travel available is via the carts outside a few of the larger cities.

Rule #2 – No reloads. No matter what happens, including death I will not be able to reload my game. I’ve put it on Adept level, which is a fair challenge but it doesn’t mean a mud-crab will be able to slaughter me right out of the gate.

Plug-ins / mods

Most of the mods I’m using in this Skyrim project are graphical enhancements. When I’m playing Skyrim I like it to look as fantastic as possible. I’m not going to list them all here, but if you look at PC Gamers Top 50 Mods list, they are nearly all from there. There are a few that add more content, and all the DLC’s are installed (Hearthfire, Dragonborn and Dawnguard) plus one that randomises my start. After all, you can only play that first scene at Helgen so many times.

The main mod I’ve added is a Basic Needs mod from Nexus. My character will have to eat, drink and sleep or suffer the consequences. You can also get drunk, and get alcohol poisoning, even fall flat on your face.

So there you have it, the basic rules and guidelines that would make or break my characters adventures through Skyrim. There is only one last thing to do. Create my first character, and get a rough idea of what he or she wants out of Skyrim.

Well, I’ve always liked the idea of the stealthy thief archer, nicking anything they can get their hands on and killing people from a distance. So that’s where I thought I would start. I created a male khajiit, and choose the ‘stealth’ and ‘archer’ options from the random start mod menu. The screen whited out, and I began my adventures in Skyrim.

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