Sim Brother Experiment Day 15: Growing Up

Day 15 in the Sim Brother House and it’s all change as Barbara becomes elderly, and Chase and Obsidian become adults in their own right. There’s also the same amount of insults, arguing and slapping from Lucifer.

Sim Brother Experiment cooking goopyAt a little past midnight, Chase realised that her day of hot-tub soaking and dancing had thoroughly worn her out. Diane put down the video game controller and attempted to make some Goopy Carbonara. She burned it, and just left the charred mess on the counter, deciding to make some pancakes instead. Obsidian went to bed at a little after 01:00. Diane wasn’t up long after that. She made her pancakes, ate a couple of them and then went to bed.

The house was still and quiet except for the odd snoring sound until five o’clock, when Chet and Lucifer were both woken by the smell of pancakes. Margaret woke ten minutes later, wrapped her dressing gown around her and practiced playing chess.

Sim Brother Experiment work out exercise plumbing bath plumb water floodChet had decided that a bath after breakfast would be just the thing. He found that the baths were just as easy to break as the sinks. In fact sometimes he’d swear that all the plumbing was booby-trapped. He left the bathroom and worked out. He was interrupted yesterday and never got to feel the burn of real exercise.

Chase woke next, feeling thoroughly relaxed and met Chet and Lucifer in the kitchen for pancakes. Obsidian woke a few minutes later and joined Chase.

Lucifer tried to incite Margaret by complaining about Art. She accused him of being mean, which is an obvious statement by now. Lucifer still argued with her, and then criticised her family. Margaret argued with him over and over, but his mind could not be changed. Bored with this non-timid version of Margaret, Lucifer went to scare Chet hoping for another fight, but Chet was a little wary of losing again and simply walked off.

Sim Brother Experiment work out exerciseBarbara woke up at 08:34, but before she could grab any breakfast at all. Barbara was confronted by a very bored Chet who insisted that he trained her, and being too busy to exercise is not an excuse. They walked outside to the exercise bay and started training together.

Sim Brother ExperimentObsidian had already skulked off to the creative room to paint again. He’d passed Chase as she logged on to the computer to play computer games but he hadn’t said much. By this time Eddie had woken up and moved himself in front of the TV, and Lucifer had started playing darts. Obsidian put the last strokes to his work, and left the creative room seeing Lucifer. It seemed a lot of fun and Lucifer had never been really mean to him, so he joined in. Picking up some darts and having a few turns, until he was interrupted by Chase who wanted to have a bit of a gossip with him. They were getting on really well, until Chase tried to boast about her pool. Not wanting to try to tell her that it was a shared pool Obsidian just left her and walked into the living room to watch TV. Chase, still smiling went to dance.

Sim Brother Experiment dancing fun best friendsDiane was the final person to wake up at nearly half past twelve in the afternoon. She was going to just watch TV but she saw Eddie then she saw Chase dancing, and she knew she wanted to dance with Eddie again. Obsidian entered the room and turned on the TV and was soon joined by a smiling and quite exhausted Diane and Eddie.

Barbara had to call time-out on her training, she ached all over but she couldn’t deny that she felt so much better about herself and so much fitter as well. Still a bit angry about his defeat at the hands of Lucifer, Chet jumped into the game of darts with Lucifer. He may have lost a fight but he wasn’t a loser. He could beat Lucifer at darts.

Sim Brother Experiment fight punch dislike dislikesThe sound of the dart board rang through the house, as Chet raised his arms in triumph. He had beaten Lucifer. Lucifer didn’t like that and took it out on the first person he saw. Unfortunately it was Eddie, and no matter how happy he was with his dancing Lucifer could still rile him up. All it took was an insult from Lucifer, and Eddie was arguing back as angry as he ever could. Though he didn’t resort to violence, even when Lucifer slapped him, he just kept on arguing. Lucifer walked off to do something probably involving a mop, and Diane sat with Eddie as they watched TV, trying to calm him down.

Obsidian was bored with the TV and hurried back to the Creative room. It was always so quiet in there; no-one ever came in. Well Margaret did a few times, but she always kept to herself, he liked her.

Chet had just finished helping Lucifer mop a bathroom. We’re not sure if this was an olive branch or another way that Chet was competing with him, but he left the bathroom happy enough and cooked some tofu dogs.

Sim Brother Experiment age elderly It was Barbara’s birthday and with some magical stars and twinkles, she aged. Her hair greying and her form a little more stooped, she regretted not being able to spend today with her husband and children, but at least Eddie and Chet were there to help her celebrate. At least for a while, but Eddie was missing his programmes and returned to Diane and the sofa.

young adult Sim Brother ExperimentChase was the next person to grow up into a very beautiful young woman. She rushed off to one of the bedrooms to fix her face and her clothes, and when she emerged she looked stunning. Slinking her way across the kitchen like a cat, she grabbed a tofu dog.

Sim Brother Experiment young adultObsidian grew up next, dark hairs sprouted over his arms and chest, and suddenly his long hair was just out-of-place. He followed suit with Chase, and rushed off to sort out his hair and clothing.

By the end of Day 15, everyone had gone to bed except for Chet and Eddie who were perfectly happy just watching Diane play video games.


Post Day Analysis

That was a much more interesting day, having three house guests age-up. Barbara became elderly, and both Chase and Obsidian became young adults. I was able to choose both of their new traits and life-wishes, I chose ‘Flirty’ for Chase and ‘Hopeless Romantic’ for Obsidian. I’m hoping that the injection of flirty/romantic of-age characters will move things along. We’ll have to see though.

I think Lucifer ages up tomorrow, and maybe Diane. It leaves me thinking about when to stop the experiment. When is the ideal time; when the first character dies? When they all die? Somewhere in-between? I’m really not sure, I’m just hoping that it will just feel right when we get to that stage.

Also Diane and Eddie are now best friends, so even more possibility of some new interactions.


  • Barbara – exercise (levels 1-3)
  • Chet – cooking (level 1)


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Jim Franklin

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