Galaxy Run Released on the iOS

Galaxy Run ScreenLast week I let you know of a game to be released on the iOS called Galaxy Run. In Galaxy Run players assume the role of explorer Rez, who is forced to land in an unknown system filled with a host of hazards, from perilous plunges and razor sharp spikes to laser security systems. If you want to re-acquaint yourself with the concept then you can nip over here and have yourself a little looksie.

Well, December 4th has ticked by and you’re now able to buy it for yourselves.

If you still need reminding or you couldn’t be bothered to click on the link above, which is fair enough, but there’s a brief summary right here.

Game Features

  • Run through 360 levels set on three separate themed worlds: Deep Space (Perseus), Desert Planet (Drak-Nok) and  Blue World (Aquarian)
  • Eighteen gameplay features including anti-gravity, speed boosters, grappling hooks, springboards, player firing cannon, enemy guns, and alien robots
  • Simple one-touch pick up and play mechanics with enough difficulty and depth for hardcore gamers
  • Hours of gameplay with an enormous amount of content

You can buy Galaxy Run from the App Store – for $0.99 USD.

Sprint through Space in Galaxy Run

Now Available for iOS Devices

Intergalactic explorers can now rush to the App Store and then through the cosmos with Galaxy Run, an iOS single-screen auto-runner from Spiel Studios.

Galaxy Run ScreenshotIn Galaxy Run players assume the role of interstellar explorer Rez.  When cruising the cosmos in his spacecraft, Rez crashes through asteroids and is forced to land in an unknown territory filled with a host of hazards, from perilous plunges and razor sharp spikes to laser security systems, which only the players can help Rez navigate.

To guide Rez safely home, players must employ a variety of power-ups and abilities — everything from gravity reversal to jetpacks and player firing cannons — to tame the cosmos.

Spiel Studio has created a game that would be easier to play than most auto-runners and incorporate straightforward controls — yet require a learning curve to conquer, so the title would entertain casual and hardcore gamers alike.

 “Our goal was to create a title that was easy enough for players to quickly understand but with enough fun and depth to keep them engaged,” Mohit Sureka, CEO, Spiel Studios, said.  “Auto-runners with single-screen levels still remain a fairly unexplored genre and this game should help fill that gap. With Galaxy Run we are showing how fun and addictive these games can be.”

Galaxy Run is available on the App Store for $0.99 USD.  The game features optional micro transactions that enhance the play experience with additional abilities including slow motion, ghost play — the ability to run through obstacles — and level skips.

Spiel Studios will periodically provide free updates with new chapters and also release a level editor through which players can create and share their own designed levels and build a community.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin is a freelance writer, living in Derby UK with his wife. When time allows he likes nothing more than losing himself in a multi-hour gaming session. He likes most games and will play anything but prefers MMO's, and sandbox RPG's.

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