What Games am I Playing at…?

So, as a 30+ gamer, with a soul-crushing, mind destroying job that steals 60 hours of my week, what games do I deem are worthy enough to fill those spare few hours a week? Not many, in fact I can usually get it to five at any given time. Playing any more than five different games  and the experience is spread too thin, and no progression is made on any of them and the whole thing just feels wasted.

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Sim Brother Experiment Day 17: Naked Tuesday

Day 17 in the Sim Brother house and all bets are off, or to be more precise all clothes are off. The house guests are dropping their clothes and skinny dipping all over the place. In fact we almost ran out of black censorship squares just trying to cover up all the rude bits.

But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the flesh because there’s plenty more. Well, alright there’s a lot of Chase staring out of a window, Lucifer being his usual arsey-self.

Anyway, read on. Go on you know you want to…

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Sim Brother Experiment Day 16: Bare Faced Cheek

sim brother painting obsidian

It’s day 16 in the Sim Brother house. After Barbara, Chase and Obsidian all got older yesterday are their lives any different? Do they behave any differently? Well you’ll have to read on to find out. I can see that Chase seems to love skinny dipping. I know it’s a blatant hook but if you’re into pixelised and not to mention censored images of that sort then it might be your thing. For the rest of us just enjoy the next day in the Sim Brother house hold.

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