Batman Arkham Origins Review

Batman Arkham Origins Game Case PCRight, I know that this review is a little late, seeing that Batman Arkham Origins was released in the UK during October 2013. However, after spotting this beauty in a Steam sale for around £3.70, I couldn’t resist. I snapped it up and jumped back into the comic-book, Gothamy goodness.

I wasn’t sure what I was expected. I’ve got both Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City and I enjoyed them both. The trouble is, I tend to find that the third game in a series is when things start to go a little south, especially when that third game is also a prequel of sorts.… Read more...

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ZombieChimp’s Best Game of 2012

With the end of 2012 in sight, what better time is there to look back over the year and decide on the game that beats all other games of 2012. Now when I say top games of 2012, they may not have been actually released in 2012 but they must have been near and I sure as hell played the bejeezus out of them during the year so they count.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, because quite frankly there were crap loads of games I could have played in 2012, and I couldn’t possibly play them all. So this is what we’ll do, I’ll list my top 5 games and then you can all use the comments bit below to add any you think should have been on the list.… Read more...

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Arkham City, game review. A bigger better Batman

arkham city cover box pc game case image logoDespite Batman Arkham Asylum being one of my favourite games of 2009, it has taken me months to buy its sequel; Batman Arkham City. This was purely down to not having the money to buy it, but when Steam announced their latest sale with Batman Arkham City being on offer for around £6 how could I possibly refuse. Well I didn’t. In fact I even downloaded a few of the dlc’s as well (the Nightwing, Robin and Harley Quinn packs); I spent a little over £12, what a bargain.

Well, it took about 8 hours to download the 16gb game and dlc’s but considering it was peak time in the middle of a sale it could have a been a hell of a lot worse.… Read more...

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