So, you’ve read some of the stuff on and you’re like “I would love to write something for that legendary online literary masterpiece”. Admittedly, they may not be your exact words but I’ll flatter myself to think that there may be at least one or two mentally suspect individuals thinking along those lines. We have a limited number of permanent writer positions, but we are also happy to publish individual posts of good quality giving full credit to you. If you love video gaming in all its forms, have something you want to write about and share with all the TheZombieChimp readers, then drop us a line on the Contact page and  let us know if you have something to share. So, what types of posts do we want?


We’re always looking for reviews for both mainstream and Indie games. There’s so many games out there that there’s no way we can get around to playing and reviewing them all, so we’ll need your help. As far as genre’s go, there’s no limit. New games, retro games, sports, RPG, mobile, PC, console. Go crazy, as long as the review is around 800 words


Gaming related articles are always welcome. Do you have a strong opinion on free-to-play financing? Or advertising in gaming? Have you just come back from a gaming convention and want to write to tell everyone about it? Articles should ideally be a little longer around the 1000 word mark.

Hints & Guides

Do you know the perfect way to grind gold in an MMO? Or make a killing head-shot every time on an FPS? Maybe, you’ve figured out all the answers on a painfully difficult puzzle game. Whatever it is, if it’s going to help other video gamers then there may be space here. As long as the post is greater than 500 words, it’s all good. The above are only rough guidelines, as long as the post is well structured and well written, with a high level of spelling and grammar then there’ll be a place for it here on Accreditation will always be given to the writer with links back Still interested in submitting a post to Drop me line on the Contact page