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HyperParasite Switch Trailer Released

The fast action twin-stick brawler, Hyperparasite developed by the Troglobytes Games is on the PC, but now it adds the Nintendo Switch to its platforms.

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours Getting Capcom DLC and Physical PS4 Release

The fifth DLC bundle for DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours is released on February 16th. This bundle will contain new ships, stages, and music.
witchbrew assault android cactus logo title

Assault Android Cactus – Sci-Fi Gnome Gauntlet

Imagine what would happen if you took some World of Warcraft gnomes, strapped heavy weaponry to them and threw them into a Gauntlet style environment. Well don’t bother, because...
Days Gone E3 2016 Header

E3 2016: Bend Studio’s Days Gone Revealed

Day's Gone will be an open world game, allowing you to explore the lush yet disheveled Pacific Northwest as you attempt to outrun savage virus ridden"feral creatures".
Star Legends Commando

Star Legends Aftermath Update Released

This blog is often a constant source of information from Spacetime Studios regarding Arcane Legends, but let’s not forget that there are three other games in the Legends series,...

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