Mass Effect 3 Demo title screen

Mass Effect 3 Demo Released

Mass Effect 3 will be hitting the shelves in a couple of weeks. Bioware’s epic space saga will end, bringing the story of Commander’s Shepard to a close. Will...
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Box Art

Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV: Game Review

The Elder Scrolls series from Bethesda has been on my mind recently. This is partly due to the imminent release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the 11th November, coupled with...
Sarif Industries Deus Ex Logo

Sarif Industries have their own website

I just came across this. It’s a mock website for Sarif Industries, for those who don’t know it’s the cybernetic augmentation company featured in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This website...
Skyrim black sign title logo bethesda

Skyrim, an Elder Scrolls V Review

On Friday 11th November,Bethesda released Elder Scrolls V and like I knew I would, I spent my entire weekend exploring Skyrim and seeing what the new world had to offer, and...
Dungeon Overlord Logo

Dungeon Overlord – Facebook Game Review

I was asked to review Dungeon Overlord, a Facebook game seemingly made in the style of the classic Bullfrog PC game Dungeon Keeper. The purpose of Dungeon Overlord is...

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