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Paratopic – A Feverish, Dreamlike Slice of Americana

I have purchased this game and its soundtrack twice, so if you feel my opinion and subsequent recommendation of this game should be taken with a grain of salt, I wouldn’t blame you.
Mislead Header Image Radiobush

Mislead Indie Shout Out

Take control of sentient soda and candy in Radiobush's latest mobile puzzle game for iOs and Android, Mislead. In Mislead you solve puzzles to get Bu home.
Dragon Evo Title Screen

Dragon EVO Online CCG RPG Shout Out

I’ve always loved collectible card games. I’ve played Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer CCG, as well as a few online CCG’s Hearthstone and Gwent. So, when I heard of a new web based online CCG, called Dragon Evo, I just had to head over and see what it was all about.

Forgive Me My Henchmen – Telling The Story From The Bad Guy’s Perspective

Ever wanted to know what it would be like playing as the villain? Forgive Me My Henchmen is a tower defence game that lets you experience how much it costs trying to keep that pesky hero at bay. Help fund this game via Kickstarter now!
lona realm of colors

Lona Realm of Colors Gets Backed On Kickstarter

Get ready to jump into the beautiful world of Lona Realm of Colors as she tries to find her way out of the chaotic and serene world she has created.

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