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Well, if you’re here then you pretty much want everything that The Zombie Chip has to offer in the way of gaming stuff, without all the hassle of more categories. Fair play I admire the direct approach. Be warned though that there is a lot of stuff here and you may be better advised to use the extra categories on the side, for specificity. If not feel free to read everything the google stats will be great. Well, I hope you have fun.
An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death

Red Ring of Death Issues

“Last Week, I lost a friend A companion who had been with me for 5 years; someone who had helped me get through the most difficult parts of my life,...
Warcraft Crafting Anvil

World of Warcraft Crafting is Pointless?

Now that I've got to grips with the Cataclysm, it occurs to me that the World of Warcraft crafting is out of synch with the rest of the game....
blood bowl conversion player werewolf undead

Blood Bowl Limited Edition: A Great Conversion

When I was younger I remember playing the Games Workshop Blood Bowl board game, and I loved it. The simple approach and bloodthirsty game-play, and the relatively short amount...
World of Warcraft Cataclysm Changes

Before Cataclysm Changed World of Warcraft

Well, it's been just over a week since the Cataclysm changed the face of World of Warcraft, one week since Azeroth was nearly destroyed. World of Warcraft has changed...

World of Warcraft MMO Review

World of Warcraft is currently celebrating it’s 6th year and 3rd add-on, under the apocalyptically sounding ‘Cataclysm’. If you haven’t started playing then there is no better...

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