Pokemon Lets Go Piakchu Evee Header Image

New Pokemon Titles Bring a New Way to Hunt Shinies

We take a look at Pokemon Lets Go for the Nintendo Switch and providea helpful hints & tips guide on how you can get your hands on those Pokemon Shinies.
Minecraft Skins Header Image

How to Change Minecraft Skins on PC and in Console Editions

If you want to learn how to download and install Minecraft cool skins on either consoles or PC with less effort, go on reading.
Monster Hunter Palico

Monster Hunter Hints, Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World is out on PC, so we decided to give any players who are new to the franchise some hints, tips and tricks to get you started.
Bomber Crew Header Image

Bomber Crew – Hints and Tips Guide

Bomber Crew, a WWII flight-sim game developed by Runner Duck puts you in charge of a Lancaster Bomber and its crew, here's how to improve their survival.
Raft Header Image

Raft Survival Guide – Surviving Day 2

Stranded on a raft on an ocean with only a scavenging hook and a shark circling you. This guide will teach you how to survive your second day.

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