Orisa Fusion Driver Overwatch

Overwatch Hits 30 Million Players

Launched at the end of May last year, Overwatch notched up 7 million players in its first week alone and passed 10 million just two weeks later.
A Defense of Party Systems Why teams Work Header

A Defense of Party Systems – Why Teams Work

Being part of a group or party is fundamental to many games from RPG's such as the Final Fantasy series through to Super Mario RPG but why is it so important?
More Video Games Perfect for Halloween Header

More Video Games Perfect for Halloween

If you're gamer you'll be looking for something creepy to a play and you will be spoiled for choice, so here's some more games worth playing this Halloween.
Spellsworn Header Image

Spellsworn Arena PvP Game Interview

Keen to know about Spellsworn? Well Chris Sloane of Frogsong Studios talks about their creation and how the whole thing was developed.
Darkest Dungeon Guest Review

Darkest Dungeon: Dungeon Crawler Review

Darkest Dungeon a rogue-lite rpg by Red Hook Studios that asks what dungeon crawling would do to a person? Could you keep your mind in such dangers?

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