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Manning Manor the Disturbing House of Silver Chains

The developers of Silver Chains, Cracked Heads Games show how Manning Manor was designed to feel as if the house was a living breathing creature.

Platinum Games Plans To Create A Brand New IP

With all the great games that Platinum games have made it is only right for them to self-Published brand new IP. Will it release for the Nintendo Switch? Maybe....maybe not.
Horror How Perspective Can Make or Break a Game Header

How Perspective Can Make or Break a Horror Game

Now that Halloween has been and gone, and the treats are eaten. We take a look at just how the use of perspective can make or break a horror game.

Post-post-production: Keeping Secrets Well

Every now and then, gamers gather in a certain place at a certain, expecting something. Here I'll discuss the power of keeping secrets in game development.
devolver digital

What Just happened at Devolver’s Press Conference?

Devolver's unorthodox press event left me confused, but at least I'm talking about it.

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