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Well, if you’re here then you pretty much want everything that The Zombie Chip has to offer in the way of gaming stuff, without all the hassle of more categories. Fair play I admire the direct approach. Be warned though that there is a lot of stuff here and you may be better advised to use the extra categories on the side, for specificity. If not feel free to read everything the google stats will be great. Well, I hope you have fun.
Dragon Age 2 Warrior Portrait Gerald

Dragon Age II Choices – Play-through #3 (Gerald) – Intro

I was going to play all the way through Dragon Age: Origins and then Awakening with my dwarf warrior as I had never played one before. Then I thought, nah...
Dragon Age Origins Logo

Zevren’s Dead and now there’s a Golem Army

I continued my, what now seems to be an epic quest, of completing Dragon Age: Origins a further time, so that I can take this character into Dragon Age:...

Firefly Online – Where is it now?

Firefly Online was announced a few years ago, but hearing nothing for quite a few years. We wonder just what has happened to Firefly Online?

Nubla Art and Point & Click in One Adventure

Nubla, is a point n click adventure game developed by Indie Studio Gammera Nest in collaboration with The National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza of Modern Art.
star wars the old republic logo

SWTOR Companion Gifts Guide

In Star Wars The Old Republic your companions are a major part of the game, they follow you around, tank for you, heal you or at a pinch they...

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