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Well, if you’re here then you pretty much want everything that The Zombie Chip has to offer in the way of gaming stuff, without all the hassle of more categories. Fair play I admire the direct approach. Be warned though that there is a lot of stuff here and you may be better advised to use the extra categories on the side, for specificity. If not feel free to read everything the google stats will be great. Well, I hope you have fun.

Samurai Shodown Fights Its Way to Nintendo Switch on Feb 25th.

SNK Corporation has announced that fans can pre-purchase Samurai Shodown for the Nintendo Switch to receive a 10% discount, and Samurai Shodown! 2 completely free of charge.

AO Tennis 2 Out Now on PC

AO Tennis 2 is now available for PC in North America and will be released for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in February.

The Tale of Doris & the Dragon Episode 2 Announced

The Tale of Doris & The Dragon Episode 2 is a PC point & click adventure game that tells the tale of Doris as she rescues her husband Albert from limbo.

Still There PC Review

Spaceā€¦the final frontier, this is the voyage of the Bento Lighthouse. In its only mission, to point and click where none have pointed and clicked before.

The Cycle on the EPIC Store is a Brilliant PvEvP Hybrid

The Cycle on the Epic Store is a perfect blend of PvE and PvP (PvEvP), and is well worth checking out.

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