If you love Nubla, a point and click game rolled out to PC Steam users and PS4 console owners, then you’re going to love taking a look at the third and final Developer Diary. In Chapter 3 of the development diary they discuss how the developers and The National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza worked together to create the art and video-game collaboration, Nubla.

Nubla is a graphic point n click adventure that brings together art, technology and video games, as you explore the artworks within The National Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza of Modern Art in Madrid, Spain. Although the game features the works, the game is not about art, but rather a tale of self-discovery, memory, and identity. The sequel to Nubla, called Nubla 2 – M, the City at the Center of the World has also been released on the Playstation and has received the odd award, such as the Titanium Award at the Fun & Serious Games Festival and the recent Best Design at the Indie Prize.

Nubla is available on Steam for £4.79 and Playstation 4 for £7.99. Nubla 2 is also available from the Playstation store for £9.99.

Read our full Nubla PC Review right here…


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