If you’re sitting it home in the good ol’ North U S of A, wondering when the survival horror game Injection π-23 developed by Spanish Studio, Abramelin Games is to be released, then wonder no more as it is now available on the North American online PS store. It’s going for $9.99 with a PEGI 18.

If you’re not already aware, that means you won’t have read this. It’s ok, I won’t hold it against you. Injection π-23 tells the tale of a hermit, who’s shied away from the rest of humanity believing that all humans are a threat. The game is set in the real remote town of Malaga in Spain, and if you want to unravel the secrets and mystery’s that this Mediterranean the town contains then you’ll need to solve all the puzzles and riddles it contains.


It’s a game that pays respectful homage to classic games of the genre such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. With four different camera angles to choose from, you can enjoy the horror from first person view through to classic third person. There is also a wide array of new content just waiting to be discovered, as you explore the town and its areas.



  • Explore the real Spanish town of Malaga, through the eyes of a mentally unstable hermit.
  • Explore the town to unlock mysteries and solve puzzles.
  • Four camera modes to choose from including first and third person view
  • Great tribute to old-school survival horror games

Injection π-23 is available digitally on the NA PS store, for $9.99 and a PEGI 18.


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