Even though there has not been any Next-Gen news officially revealed by Sony or Microsoft, that’s not stopping piles of leaks from various sources from flooding the internet and some may not be so far-fetched.

The latest leak has surfaced in the form of a poster on Pastebin who claims to be a European Developer working on unannounced PS5 launch titles and who claims to know a ton of insider news regarding the Next-Gen console from Sony.

The leaker claims that the PS5 will be launching in the year 2020 and that it will be 100$ more than the PS4 at launch which sums up to 500 bucks. Taking a look at the current price of the PS4 Pro this is very possible. The leak also claims that the PS5 will be selling at a 100$ loss from the get go.

Other info leaked is the fact the PS5 will be backward compatible just as the various patents showed and that it will have a premium edition of the PS Plus which has been seen in other leaks. A 2TB hard drive, 8K upscaling support and compatible with a new upgraded VR headset and of course a new version of the Dualshock line the Dualshock 5 which will have a built-in camera as well.

Now given how similar these leaks are some info if not all may be true but even if we didn’t have leaks some things just make sense such as backward compatibility and the price. Given that Sony has moved away from the PS3 cell technology and has moved to PC infrastructure with the PS4 there is no doubt that it may cost more or that it will be backward compatible which is the only thing Sony is lacking in. But if 2020 is the release date we will definitely be seeing or hearing about the console officially this year.

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Maruf Hasan
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