Paper Wars Cannon Fodder Devastated now on Switch

Paper Wars Cannon Fodder is released today on Nintendo Switch. From the developer, iFun4All the team that brought you Green Game: Timeswapper and Red Game Without A Great Name comes their newest Switch game. This is a remake from the original Paper Ware Cannon Fodder on the PSP. Find yourself in a world

Cartoon style tower-defence

This game pride itself on its cartoon-like style. Each element looks like a little paper cut-out. Hence the name I suppose. But, this game is in fact a tower defence game. There are three available campaigns. The main objective: to eliminate each eave of enemies with an array of artillery attacks. You’ve got to be tactical. The power of your attack depends on how long you charge it for. The longer you charge to bigger the explosion. Of course, quick thinking may be required as the onslaught of enemy waves becomes ever more intense. It may be cute looking with oodles of humour but it will take some serious thinking to beat this game.

A few of the features

As the player makes their way through the map, you will unlock extra power ups. Each has their own special destructive power such as freezing, slowing-time, earthquakes, landmines or even bombing raids. There’s a whole arsenal at your disposal. How you choose to utilise them is up to you. There are two modes to the game: standard and survival. Presumably, the latter involves you being able to last as long as possible. There is even a zombie campaign where you face the endless hoards of undead.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then head on over the the Nintendo Switch store to buy it now. And if you want to check out more about the developers you can visit their website, iFun4All.




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