Perp Games to Publish Wales Interactive’s PlayStation VR FPS Time Carnage at Retail

Perp Games are set to publish Wales Interactive’s upcoming first-person shooter Time Carnage on PlayStation VR at retail. In Time Carnage, the player gets to time travel through a post-apocalyptic world, pre-historic jungle, icy wasteland and futuristic metropolis across 16 story missions or custom arcade mode and 20 challenges in which players encounter dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies with an amazing loadout of 25 upgradeable dual-wielding weapons.

Wales Interactive has quite the reputation on PlayStation platforms having previously developed Gravity Badgers on Vita; Infinity Runner, Late Shift, Soul Axiom and more besides on PS4, while Perp Games have already collaborated with Wales Interactive on their horror game Don’t Knock Twice on PlayStation VR.

Between publisher Perp Games and developer Wales Interactive; Time Carnage has a great pedigree and some real potential as Perp Games has published some genuine quality games on PlayStation VR including Theseus, VR Karts, Radial-G: Racing Revolved, Fruit Ninja VR, Perfect, The Assembly, Ultimate VR Collection and more besides.

Time Carnage will be released in Europe at retail on PlayStation VR in April 2018.

You can find out more about Perp Games’ videogames on their official website and Wales Interactive’s videogames on their official website.

Stay tuned at Zombie Chimp for my full in-depth review of Time Carnage upon release on PlayStation VR.



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