Algo Bot: A New Puzzle Game By Fishing Cactus

From the makers of Epistory – Typing Chronicles, comes a brand new adventure. Algo Bot is a new puzzle game by Fishing Cactus based around programming a little robot. Anyone who has played their previous game will know that Fishing Cactus enjoy making games for more than just entertainment. These games are designed to test your mental finesse and provide you with a warming little story along the way.

What’s the story?

Algo Bot tells the story of a lowly maintenance droid who is trying to save the lives of the people aboard the pan-galactic colonisation ship, Europa. The player must solve programming puzzles in order to help the humans on board. But, Algo Bot is not alone. Along the way, he meets PAL, his cantankerous and aloof line manager. He also meets Gemini, the cheerfully eccentric computer. The story starts after what should be a routine maintenance job goes horribly wrong. Algo Bot must venture forth with his new found friends in order to save everyone’s lives.

algo bot 1

It is set to be a wonderfully rich story with some fantastic little characters. And, hopefully, some brilliant and challenging puzzles to see you through to the end. By blending the idea of basic programming into the video game, it is sure to be a fun and yet also educative game.

Release Date

algo bot 2

Algo Bot is set for a release date of February 14th 2018 on Steam for $9.99. It is also going to be released in a variety if languages includig English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish and Italian. This game although perhaps not the first of its kind, is sure to get it right. Especially given the experience that Fishing Cactus has with blending gameplay and education together. Bruno Urbain, CEO of Fishing Cactus gave this quote about the game:

“Algo Bot represents the latest evolution of our work in designing games with more than entertainment as a purpose in line with our project strategy: “smart with soul”. With this new project we are gamifying the experience of coding: giving seasoned programmers and newcomers a chance to play with logic,”

Keep an eye out on Steam in the next week or so for this one because it is sure to be good!


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