Last Encounter to be Released on all Consoles

Twin stick shooter Last Encounter is making its way to consoles this year! Last Encounter is a top-down down twin-stick shooter that will challenge the player in solo or co-op. To conquer an alien threat, players must customize their weapons that best suits them all the way down to weapon spray. Players can play with local players to make up a team of four. A wide array of vessels can be selected, each with unique abilities and a leveling system for all ships. Combining the various weapon and spaceship types is essential to gaining the upper hand on the enemy. Let the galactic dogfights begin!

Last Encounter is to be released on all consoles later this year including Nintendo Switch. The game actually coming to Switch is no surprise since the announcement that Nintendo is to be a platform for indie titles. We can only expect to receive even more indies to come.

The top-down perspective appeals to me as it reminds me indie game Furi. Sure the gameplay is entirely different, but the quality and the top down view makes me want to believe that Last encounter will be a delightful game. Besides as a gamer, we should always be open to ideas and gameplay that is personally new to us. You may never know what you may find.

Last Encounter Screenshot


Last Encounter is set to release later this years on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Mario Bertrand

Mario Bertrand

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