Half Life 2: Episode 3 Fan Game In The Works

Although it was rumoured a short while ago that a new Half Life 2 game would be on its way, it was not meant to be. The ex-Valve writer Marc Laidlaw published a synopsis for Ep 3 back in August 2017. Unfortunately, no news has come out of that. Once again, it looked as though Half Life 2 fans were to be disappointed. However, things may not be as dark as they seem. Recently, a few of the fans got together to flesh out the synopsis posted earlier in 2017. And, by the sound of it, they are making quite a headway. The project is called ‘Project Borealis’ and so far it looks very cool.

Awesome concept art already out

The developers have been posting updates about Project Borealis on their reddit. The team have been trying to keep everyone in the know with what they are working on throughout the project. So far, it seems the story is almost half way complete and they’ve already produced concept art which looks both awesome and horrifying in some cases. As is the case with the Arctic headcrab, who I have so lovingly called Arcy to try and make it less terrifying. The team has also left a link to their soundcloud for the project. The atmospheric music track is both beautiful and haunting and already I can see how it would fit into the game.

You never really know with fan-made games how well they are likely to turn out. But, if they can do it with Black Mesa and make it a good game then fingers crossed for Episode 3. It is likely to be a while before we start to see anything really solid so don’t hold your breath. Either way, we wish the team luck with Project Borealis and we can’t wait to see what they can produce. With some of the concepts they’ve already provided, it looks very promising.


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