Great Games From 2017 That 2018 Needs To Top

2017 was a fantastic year for gaming. We got some really great gems that people will be talking about at least until 2018 hits. From the old school to VR, we saw a whole range of amazing games pop up across the gaming community. So, here are our top 2017 games that 2018 will need to top.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Many Zelda and non-Zelda fans alike will tell you that this one was a winner from this year. BotW really blew people away with how vast it was and while still telling a great classic Zelda story. If you were lucky enough to get yourself a Switch console this last year then you were definitely treated. Not only did Breath of the Wild have some great gameplay and interesting quests, it also looked breath-taking. Nintendo has already announced the next in the Zelda series is on its way but it will have to do something spectacular to top this one.

The Sexy Brutale

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I did a review of this game earlier on this year and I was astounded by how good it was. This was definitely a game that came out of the blue. Taking a unique spin on time control gameplay, The Sexy Brutale was by far my favourite game of 2017. It played well, the story was interesting and the graphics were beautiful. If you missed this one or have never heard of it, I recommend you go out get it. You won’t be disappointed. If 2018 can produce something half as good as this, I will be very happy.

Nier Automata

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This was a game that for a while, eluded me. Having never played any of the other Nier games, I didn’t see a point. But, then people started stating how good a game it was and that you didn’t need to have played any of the others to enjoy it. It has amazing graphics and fantastic combat gameplay. If you like the JRPG hack and slash games it sort of feels a little like that. I certainly thought it was one of the better games of the year and one, again, that might have gone under the radar a little. Zombie Chimp did review Nier Automata earlier this year if you want to check that out.


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Prey was a strange one for me because when I first played it, I wasn’t sure how to feel. Then, I went back and played it again and actually was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Overall, Prey is a fantastic game. There are many elements which make it fun to play and a very enjoyable experience. My only let down with Prey was that the ending felt very unimaginative. Despite that though, I have to say this one is still one of the better games of 2017 and pulled in some really interesting game play elements.

Human Fall Flat

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Perhaps another game that went a bit under the radar for a long while this one. When I first saw Human: Fall Flat, I admit, I didn’t think much of it. Until I had a chance to play it more recently. This is a game that definitely works well as a multiplayer game. You get a few couple of friends to play with you and you will honestly have some amazing fun. The puzzles are enjoyable and different within in level. You have to find the best way to reach the exit but there isn’t only one solution. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people play in many different ways and no two are the same. Puzzle games can be tricky to get right but Human: Fall Flat nailed it.

Divinity Original Sin II

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A bit of a different one for this list but one I think needs a mention. I played a but of Divinity Original Sin a long time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, when Divinity Original Sun II came out I was very excited. And, definitely not disappointed. This is a great RPG turn-based game set in a fantastic fantasy setting. If fantasy RPGs are your thing then why haven’t you played this one already?


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You might have seen this one coming but its no surprise. It may have had a lot of hype surrounding it but this time I didn’t mind. This was a good game that definitely played to its art-style. That was one of things that drew me to it in the first place. Taking on that 1940s style of cartoon and creating a very enjoyable (if highly frustrating) game to play. If you don’t mind ripping your hair out at every opportunity then you certainly want to play Cuphead because it is most rewarding when you finally beat that boss. It would be nice to see a few different games like this in 2018.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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Who doesn’t love killing Nazis? Well, Wolfenstein is the perfect game for just that. Announced at E3 and released only a few months later this one did not disappoint. Telling a great story alongside the fun and brutal gameplay that is Wolfenstein, everything in this game just works. Bethesda may not be great at coming up with new IPs but they are pretty good at their series and this one is one great one. Even if we don’t get another Wolfenstein next year here’s hoping Bethesda can pull something equally as great out of the bag.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim VR

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Okay, so this one isn’t really a “new” release but I have heard so many people rave about Skyrim VR that I had to put it here. Although mostly I am annoyed Bethesda has yet to bring out a new Elder Scrolls game this one was meant to be good. It is great to still see Skyrim bring so much joy to people even 6 years on. I may not have played it myself but I think anyone can agree that witnessing Skyrim in VR is a brilliant experience for anyone. So, this one goes on the list. My only hope for 2018 is that we get a new chapter in the Elder Scrolls series.


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Finally, Play Unkown’s Battlegrounds gets the last spot on this list. This one was a phenomenon that noone expected and everyone enjoyed. Of course, people will gripe about it but people still keep playing it so it must be good. As terrifying as it is when you are surrounded by players better than you and all you have is a frying pan and a pair of combat boots. Nevertheless, this is a great game that 2017 brought us. Who knows if next year it will still be as popular but I guess we will wait and see.

So, that’s our round up of our 2017 games that really pushed the boat out. Do you have a game that isn’t on the list? Leave us a comment and let us know what games you think deserve to be in the top games for 2017.



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