Surprise Not Really… New Zelda In The Works

Ladies and Gentlemen, to no one’s surprise… the next Zelda game is now in development. According to website Nintendolife, there is an apparent announcement in the book The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Masterworks. Exclusively in Japan, the book contains art and production material from the Wii U and Switch releases. Many sites say it is a work in progress as of late. I guess that the game will be something much smaller than what we saw in Breath of the Wild. The reasonable place to put the new instalment is in the Nintendo 3DS but who knows.

The latest installment of the franchise leads the series to steer into new territory. This new direction has opened new doors to much a more epic experience that we have never seen before since the 80’s with NES. However, in knowing this, it raises many questions. Will the franchise return to its linear roots or continue to expand into open-world? It is always great to have a new take on a formula that has worked for so many years. However, many can argue whether the recent installment is genuinely a Zelda game. Breath of the WIld is an exceptional masterpiece, but lighting may not strike twice.

Another question is whether or not the newest game will be as exceptional. Nintendo immediately went into development for Breath of the Wild right after the launch of Skyward Sword. The result of that method is pretty tremendous, and we can be sure that the game will be excellent. The only sin Nintendo can fall into is releasing games in high quantity and low quality. Do I want to see another Zelda game, of course, however, do I want to play it now, absolutely not! Just let me bathe in the glory of Breath of the Wild as I did when I was a young kid.

Mario Bertrand

Mario Bertrand

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