Atlus Reveals A Sensational Return for Catherine with Full Body On PS4 and Vita

Atlus has revealed that Catherine will be making her return for the first time since 2011 in the form of Catherine: Full Body on PS4 and Vita; courtesy of a detailed article in popular Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu.

Catherine is a cult classic adventure puzzle platformer that many gamers have wanted to see a return to for quite some time. Development duties are being handled by the recently assembled internal development team titled Studio Zero situated within Atlus who is most well known for creating the Persona series. The story revolves around a man named Vincent who by day attempts to keep his temptations in check when around several women, but by night he must solve fast paced puzzles in mysterious nightmares. Catherine also features high quality voice-over talent including Troy Baker voicing Vincent, while Catherine is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Catherine: Full Body sounds more akin to a full remake rather than a quick remaster; instead it will contain enhanced graphics and all-new content including new cutscenes and multiple endings in the story, gameplay mechanics, difficulty levels, cross-save support between PS4 and Vita, alongside the addition of even online multiplayer battles on both PS4 and Vita.

As of the time of publishing; there is no confirmed release date or pricing, although development is apparently around 50% complete; therefore there may potentially be further details confirmed during an official livestream focusing on Catherine: Full Body which is scheduled to take place on December 22nd 2017 at 7.30pm JST, 5.30am EST or 10.30am GMT.

Whoever said the Vita was no more was mistaken, because this is yet another top class game that will most probably be releasing in 2018!



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