Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) added to Starship Corporation

If you’re familiar with the starship building simulator Starship Corporation developed by Coronado Games and published by Iceberg Interactive, then you will be very pleased to hear about the latest update which allows you to manufacture and recruit Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) for your starships.

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Starship Corporation then allow me to fill you in. It’s a simulation game where you design and build starships for a very demanding market. You have to decide which technologies to research, where to build new shipyards and who to trade with. The starships interior design is completely up to you. You can choose where to build the rooms, lifts corridors, powerlines, engines and generators.

Ensure your crew become highly skilled, with emergency simulations. Do this well enough and you’ll garner a massive reputation, and more importantly large sacks of cash.

Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) Starship Corporation Screenshot 2

The full game comes with over 200 unlockable rooms, 24 missions and emergency encounters to test your crew, and 22 different fuselages.

The latest update to Starship Corporation lets you build and recruit artificial humans or Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) for your Starships. Although these artificial humans cost more to build, they do not need air, water, food, healthcare or life support. They can practice any profession and are built to last. If damaged, all they need to do is return to their pod. Sounds great, right? Well, these artificial humans are still slaves to their technology and if the tech malfunctions, it could cause your new human to run amok and slaughter the entire crew. So, you have to way it up.

Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) Starship Corporation Screenshot 1

Of course there are new training simulations added as well, so your crews can be trained to deal with this eventuality.

The update also adds 10 new contracts for completely automated ships to the market. The 60 contracts currently available in all different areas of space travel can now be approached in a new way, due to the introduction of CyO’s.

In addition to new content, several bug fixes took place. A detailed log of bugs fixed can be found on the Starship Corporation Steam community HUB here:

Starship Corporation which includes the new Cybernetic Organisms (CyO) update is now available on Steam for Windows PC, for around £15.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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