Moira – A Closer Look at Overwatch’s Latest Heroine

Moira is Overwatch’s 26th character addition and she falls into the support category. With her biotic abilities, she is able to deal damage to her enemies while keeping her team healed up and ready to win.

Biotic Grasp

Moira’s biotic grasp allows her to heal her teammates and cause damage to her enemies, each hand can either heal or cause damage. Players can activate these abilities by left- or right- clicking on their mouse, or left or right triggers on console remotes.

Left-clicking (left trigger) allows Moira to use her left hand to release a biotic energy which will heal her allies. However, this ability has a limited time and a slow cooldown, which can be quite aggravating. Nevertheless, players can accelerate the cooldown by using her right hand which fires a long-range beam to cause damage to her enemies. Players can use this ability by right-clicking (right trigger) on their mouse and aiming to their enemies.

Biotic Orb

Players can also heal, and inflict damage by using her Biotic Orbs. The Biotic Orbs have a rebounding effect which allows players to calculate where to aim the orb so it can bounce against walls and hit allies or enemies that are at a longer distance. Players can activate this ability by pushing E on the keyboard (or right bumper), then right- or left- clicking on their mouse (or right or left trigger on console remotes). To heal, players must push E and left-click on the mouse. To cause damage, players must push E and right-click on the mouse. There is a ten-second cooldown for the orbs, but if used correctly players can use the Biotic Grasp for short-range healing and damage and the Biotic Orbs for long-range.


When attempting to heal yourself, aim the Biotic Orb in front of you or towards a wall and walk into the orb. A common mistake is to launch the orb towards the floor which can cause the orb to shoot up in the air and lose the opportunity to heal yourself.

Also be sure to use your orbs to clusters of targets so there is as much healing/damage used.


At times players can find themselves in a tough situation where they are surrounded by enemies and can’t seem to find a way out. However, like Reaper, Moira is able to use her fade ability to quickly teleport a short distance while being invulnerable to damage. Players can activate this ability by pushing the left shift key button on the keyboard (or clicking the left bumper on console controls). To successfully use this, players must find their escape route and quick;y use Fade to escape. Players only have 0.8 seconds to escape using Fade and there is a cooldown of about 6 seconds.


Finally there is Moira’s Ultimate. Moira’s Ultimate allows her to channel all her energy and launch a long-range beam that both heals allies and damages her enemies. Once the ultimate is charged, players must push Q (or Triangle or Y on console controllers) on the keyboard and aim to anyone in range. This ultimate is simple to use and can be quite effective when aiming at a cluster of allies and/or enemies. However, while using Coalescence Moira can be quite vulnerable and players should perform this ability in a safe location.

Moira overall is a strong support character and is one of the few that is able to cause a decent amount of damage while healing her allies.

Something fans have noticed is that she is Weeaboo (someone who is obsessed with anime and manga) friendly. Some of her sprays have been identified as Easter eggs from certain animes, such as Akira. Moira Akira Screenshot

Fans have also noticed that there is some sort of relationship between Moira and Mercy. Although this has not been 100% confirmed by Blizzard, there are some sprays that give some hints that there is/was a relationship between the two.

Its Complicated Moira Spray

Excited to learn about Moira’s full story, I personally want to welcome her to the world of Overwatch.

Alex Camargo

Alex Camargo

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