New Marvel Trio Join the Marvel Vs. Capcom Battle!

My interest in Marvel VS. Capcom has waned since the release of the third installment. A particular favorite character was missing so the game could only feel incomplete. However, my interest is up to three new Marvel characters, and they are coming in hard! Let’s get excited!

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes, a young soldier who fought alongside Captain America, transformed into the Winter Soldier by enemy forces upon capture. Bred to be a deadly assassin he eventually escapes and is ready to rid the world of evil. Barnes is especially excellent in ground combat. Utilize his special moves that throw around your opponent across the screen and use projectiles that bounce off walls and floors. The Winter Soldier can activate Metal shield which turns his cybernetic arm into an anchor.


Natasha Romanova: Black Widow

Training in hand to hand combat and espionage Natasha is known as the super spy Black Widow. Despite being a fearless assassin, her heart lies with Avengers. Fit for any combat situation she can perform acrobat jumps in mid-air to create combos tethered together with tricky projectiles. Her primary weapon is electric batons that allow her to keep her enemies at bay.


Eddie Brock: Venom

The once known journalist Eddie Brock shares a hatred with a sentient symbiotic alien for Peter Parker. Bonding with each other on equal terms they together with the deadly creature known as Venom. Combined with vicious rage and shape-shifting abilities Venom can throw himself across all angles of the screen and quickly turn the tables on any of his adversaries.


Any owner of the game and the Season Pass will be able to unlock these characters on December 5th this also includes previously releases DLC. Moreover, if you don’t wish to get every single character, you can purchase characters individually. I personally just want Venom and Spiderman thank you very much!

Mario Bertrand

Mario Bertrand

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