Sci-fi Adventure K’NOSSOS Hits Kickstarter

Svarun Entertainment have begun a Kickstarter campaign for their science fiction point-and-click game, K’NOSSOS. With a half-reached initial goal of £8,000 and a prologue already available to download, the campaign’s chances are high. K’NOSSOS is being developed exclusively for PC.

K’NOSSOS is touted as a classic adventure in the vein of the golden age LucasArts and Sierra games. It features “art inspired by Wassily Kandisnky and a cross-genre experimental soundtrack”, while the story follows a man travelling through an alien universe aboard a damaged ship. As its sole passenger, he is tasked with investigating and repairing the damage. Gameplay is heavily inspired by the most revered adventure games, with puzzles integrated into the narrative and a focus on characterisation and worldbuilding—even the graphical style is reminiscent  of games like BioForge and Grim Fandango.

Svarun Entertainment is a four-man team from Serbia that is dedicated to the adventure genre, and it’s clear that they are trying to preserve what made those classic point-and-click games so good. Prior to K’NOSSOS, the team had worked on another game titled Vsevolod, which has been put on hold until completion of this project.

The crowdfunding campaign for K’NOSSOS ends November 21st and has £4,000 left to raise. More info is available on Svarun’s website

George Benjamin Jones

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