Dark and Light Flames of Bel’Xahl Awakens

Today Dark and Light developers “Snail Games USA” hit us with a massive patch, Flames of Bel’Xahl, that includes a new dungeon, new areas, new items, a lot of adjustments, a ton of bug fixes and more.

The long-awaited new dungeon “The Scalding Abyss” is finally here and it looks very promising. Said to be located underneath the volcano at World’s End, a horrible power has awoken inside. Bel’Xahl, the Scorched Lord is summoning a great army of flame elementals and it’s up to you to stop him. Together with this, the Thanksgiving event has also started so lookout for turkeys that can drop some useful resources, or start your own turkey farm because, why not?

The Scalding Abyss hosts some awesome looking, new creatures including, Ashen Fist clan goblins, Scalding Wyrms, The Scorched Lord himself Bel’Xahl and more. Snail Games included some awesome looking art of these creatures in the full patch notes.

For the new equipment, we got an awesome looking armor set called the “Flame Armor” which has some great flaming special effects on it. Matching this outfit, we got a new weapon called “Searing Edge” it’s a heavy hammer which sets enemies on fire when hit and deals a ton of damage.

Next to these items, two new spells were added…

  • One immobilizes powerful creatures for a short amount of time.
  • The other one is a true healing spell that shoots a projectile to heal a significant amount of health and then stays to heal over time.

There also were some major adjustments.

  • World’s End was made a bit more convenient to live in
  • There are going to be made some nice changes to the three race’s main towns, one of the biggest changes being the stables
  • The stables will be placed outside of towns, these places are marked with blue circles so make sure you don’t build anywhere near them
  • Taking Damage now also causes a knockback on your character, the strength of the knockback is calculated by the attack’s power
  • And finally, there are some quality adjustments made for the Chaos PvP servers including a lot of balancing

This update is great for veteran players who have been waiting to conquer the new dungeon, lovers of Dark and Light’s PvP and newcomers who were scared away from the game due to some nasty bugs. I think it is great to see that Dark and Light has got a little better and a bit closer to being an awesome game.

If you want to find out more about Dark and Light to see whether Flames of Bel’Xahl is worth jumping in for. Check out my full Dark and Light review.

Sjaak den Heijer

Sjaak den Heijer

Sjaak is an enthusiastic game design student from The Netherlands who has been gaming from a really young age together with his older brother. Sjaak loves writing about games and sharing his opinions about them.

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