Syphon Filter Trademark Reveals Possible 2017 PS Comeback

Very recently, there were murmurs about the possibility of PlayStation Experience 2017 not actually having a press conference, but could PlayStation simply be attempting to deliberately reduce expectations before delivering an almighty press conference? It was stated that there were concerns over a lack of content to reveal due to the proximity between Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience 2017, but if we rewind back to 2015; PlayStation made a triumphant debut at both Paris Games Week and the inaugural PlayStation Experience; announcing surprises at both events.

If you are not convinced, then this may turn a few heads. Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited have trademarked Syphon Filter on November 8th 2017 via the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

The previous occasion Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited trademarked the title of a game that already existed was on June 12th 2017; the same date as their E3 2017 press conference and the exact date of the unexpected Shadow of the Colossus remake reveal.

It is important to note that both trademark applications are identical in their respective categories as they are both applying for goods and services articles 9 and 41, while both applications are even represented by the same legal company named Boult Wade Tennant; therefore if one application in the form of Shadow of the Colossus is already proved to be legitimate, then surely Syphon Filter is nearing a huge comeback announcement!

Despite Sony Bend developing Days Gone; I would suggest that they are the number one most probable studio to be developing Syphon Filter as Sony Bend did create the series and all six mainline story games and even multiplayer spin-off Syphon Filter: Combat Ops between 1999 and 2007. An announcement in April 2017 detailing a recruitment spree that more than doubled the size of Sony Bend’s team and a massive expansion in their development facilities; resulting in it not being out of the question that this collective of amazing talent is working on more than one project.

It could be a remake of the original game or perhaps even the original trilogy or the PSP and PS2 games Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow complimented by Combat Ops’ multiplayer, although there is also the tantalising prospect of an all-new game; however remaking the very first Syphon Filter or the original trilogy would technically feel fresh in the same sense as Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. Will it be a remake or an entirely new game? Let’s wait for PlayStation Experience 2017 to see if Gabe Logan and his team stealthily appear from the shadows in what would be one of the best PlayStation comebacks ever; should it materialise.



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