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If you’re like me, you tend to have the patience of a five-year-old and need some kind of mobile game to pass the time on a boring bus ride or in a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Well, if you enjoy any type of word puzzle, keyboard game, or even have an antsy child who just needs a distraction, then WRITE is the mobile game for you. WRITE, created by Playnica, is an all-in-one mobile gaming app that is available for Android devices.

There are about three different types of game modes players can choose from within the app.  There are word puzzles, keyboard challenges and a kid’s mode where they can learn the alphabet and their numbers. Overall, WRITE does not have a storyline, however, each game mode has some sort a of theme. As players choose their game mode, each level within that mode has a theme to follow. For example, when playing in word mode, players can choose the word solver game and go through themes such as mystery and candy. With these themes, players can solve each word puzzle by trying to connect the words with the certain theme.

Considering that this mobile app has a variety of different word games. I am going to break down the game play for each game mode.

Word Puzzles

The first game mode players can play are word puzzles. There are about three word puzzles players can choose from, Wordsolver, Geom and Riddle. Each word puzzle has a different challenge players must face to solve the puzzles.


Wordsolver Write Playnica

Wordsolver is a simple game to pick up but can be a bit of a challenge. Players are given a theme and within that theme they must solve a word puzzle by using the letter given to them. The letters are presented in a 3×3 box and players must drag their fingers along the box to create each word missing above. Once one of the words has been solved, the used letters disappear and players must use the remaining letters to solve the next word.


Geom Write Playnica

Geom has the same idea as Wordsolver, where players must solve the blank words that are presented to them. But, instead of having multiple letters and a theme, players instead must use the shape given and move their finger along the shape to solve each word. Each shape is a level players must pass to move on to the next shape. Players start with the triangle, then the square, then the hexagon, and so on.


Riddle Write Playnica

The name of this final wordsolver game speaks for itself. Players are given a riddle and must use the letters provided by moving their fingers along a combination lock. Once the letters are combined the right way the riddle is solved.

Keyboard Games

The second game mode in WRITE allows players to play a variety of challenging keyboard games. Each game is meant to test the players typing speed against an opponent or through an odd challenge. Also, the keyboard game mode includes an educational game that allows players to learn another language by typing a variety of words in the language they wish to learn.

Keyboard Games Language Learn Write Playnica


Something that is really interesting about the versus keyboard game mode is the variety of challenges that are built-in when going against your opponent. Players can choose normal, ghost, shuffle and all-in. Basically, the goal of each game is for the player to type faster than their opponent but with a bit of a twist.

With ghost mode, the player must type the word given to them but with the disadvantage of not being able to see any of the letters on the keyboard. It may seem impossible at first, but if the player knows where each letter is placed on a basic keyboard, then they will certainly have the advantage.

Versus Write Playnica

Another challenge players can use is the keyboard shuffle mode challenge. Players go against an opponent with a shuffled keyboard and must type faster than their opponent. This mode is quite difficult because the keyboard does not look the same. Players must quickly scan the keyboard to find each letter needed to complete the word and defeat their opponent.

The last mode players can choose within the versus keyboard game is all-in. The name speaks for itself. Basically, the challenge is to beat your opponent by typing the word as fast as you can while the keyboard is constantly shuffling or disappearing. This can be quite annoying for players because of the constant change.

Time Attack and Cloud

The keyboard games aren’t only surrounded by the idea of player versus player. In fact, players can challenge themselves by playing Time Attack or Cloud. Time Attack is a timed based game where players need to type as many words as they can in one minute.

Cloud Write Playnica

Cloud is another time-based game. However, rather than typing multiple words in one minute, players must type the words given as fast as they can before the cloud reaches the ground. Each cloud comes in different colors and each color either adds bonus points or add a challenge.

Overall Time Attack and Cloud are great games to help practice against other players. Cloud is a casual game that can help players practice their typing, and Time Attack can help with their speed.

ABC Kid Mode

Kids Games Write Playnica

ABC Kid Mode is the kid friendly portion of the WRITE app, where kids can trace the alphabet and their numbers. This mode is great for parents to help distract their kids and at the same time help educate them. Parents can choose for their kids to trace the alphabet in lower-case or upper-case form, and trace their numbers. All the kids have to do is take their finger and follow the arrows.

WRITE overall is a casual word puzzle game where players can customize their themes and have a variety of word based games to choose from. In fact, Players can choose between two themes. A minimalist theme with relaxing music or a cartoonish theme with fun upbeat sounds. Each theme helps players to make the game their own and enjoy it to the fullest. Although the game may seem easy at first, the further you get the harder it tends to be. So, players get your thinking caps on and get ready to challenge your mind.

Written by Alex C

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