6 Creepy Locations in Non-Horror Games

We all know that horror games are meant to be creepy. With their haunted mansions and abandoned buildings, we accept this as part of the genre. But, sometimes a game will unexpectedly put you into a creepy situation without warning. What starts out as a harmless adventure soon turns into a nightmare. Here are six creepy locations in non-horror games that we had no idea were there. Not cool game.

Ravenholm – Half Life 2

Of course everyone knows this one. We don’t go to Ravenholm. Half Life 2 isn’t really classed as a horror game. It may have some gross looking aliens but ultimately it’s an action adventure game. So, when you, as the unsuspecting Gordan Freeman are told to have to go to Ravenholm, it comes as a bit of a surprise. After being bombarded with headcrab pods, the town was abandoned to its fate. Now, all who reside there are zombies. And lots of them.

Not only is this perhaps one of creepiest places in a video game, it also lacks a lot of ammo. So, you end up having to fend off hoards of fast zombies with nothing more than a gravity gun. And it that isn’t enough, you are sent there in the middle of the night with plenty of dark buildings to explore.

Of all the creepy locations in non-horror games, this one takes the cake.

Video from TheHushedGamer on Youtube

Fairfax Residence – SWAT 4

When you are part of an elite SWAT team, you expect to come across you’re fair share of creepy things. When dealing with serial killers and kidnappers; it isn’t always a pretty job. But, the Fairfax Residence in SWAT 4 really took it to another level. When you show up with your team, you discover something far more sinister. After finding more recent evidence that leads you to Lawrence Fairfax, you are tasked with locating the kidnapped girl and taking him down. But, what you find inside is far more creepy than initially expected. You enter into his dark basement which is already creepy enough.

Once you explore further, you find the newspaper clippings strewn over the walls and even a video of what looks like a victim tied to a bed. Even when you find Melinda the horror continues. The room she is held in is decorated with mannequin parts and creepy eyeless masks that hang from the ceiling.

For saying this game is not a horror, it definitely ramped up the creepy for this location.

Image result for fairfax residence SWAT 4

Fallout 3 Dunwich Building

Whenever I think of creepy locations in games, the Dunwich building in Fallout 3 comes to mind. What appears to be an innocuous buidling at first soon turns into a nightmare factory of WTF moments. The building sits in the middle of nowhere which isn’t out of the ordinary in the Wasteland. When you step inside however, things immediately start to feel strange. After you find the various holotapes by a man called Jaime, you start to piece together what actually happened.

The dark and spooky building is also filled with a number of feral ghouls and glowing ones. But, that’s not all. There are also random visions you experience; the rooms filled with various dismembered body parts and the creepy terminal entries. This place is definitely cursed. If you’ve never played this then I suggest you give it a go. Then tell me you don’t think it’s one of the creepiest locations in a non-horror game.

Image result for dunwich building fallout 3
Shrine to Ug-Qualtoth under the Dunwich Building

Lavender Town Pokemon Tower – Pokemon Red/Blue

Lavender Town is renowned for having one of the creepiest places in Pokemon. Most of all because of the Pokemon tower that resides there. It is a tower that is haunted by the souls of dead pokemon. Now if that isn’t already creepy, then there are plenty of theories out there about it tower that would certainly make your skin crawl. Just walking around the place gives a sense of unease. Not to mention the creepy music that even has its own creepypasta attached to it. Just have a listen. Then tell me it isn’t creepy, especially for a supposed kids game.

The Asylum – Bioshock Infinite

Although other people do class the other Bioshock games as (sort of) horrors, the final instalment certainly was not that. It was an action shooter set in the vibrant world of Columbia. So, when the game’s aesthetic suddenly shifts to the cold, disconcerting realm of the asylum, it is spooky. You know something is amiss when it starts to snow in the middle of summer. The darkness fills every corridor and then you come across the inmates. There is no explanation as to why they are wearing George Washington masks but it is terrifying. As they quiver in fear, screaming, it is then that you meet the “watchers”. Or, as they are better known, The Boys of Silence. These eyeless monstrosities oversee everything and you do not want to be found by them. If they catch you in their light, then they alert the crazy inmates who then immediately start to attack you.

This whole place is filled with so much creep that when you make it to the end of the level, you just want it to be over. But, just for good measure, they throw in one last jump scare. Because screw you, am I right?

Image result for asylum bioshock infinite
Peek-a-boo, the boy of silence found you!

Bottom of the well – Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time

As someone who had never played a Zelda game until more recently, this was my first. I had no idea what to expect. Of course, I had seen other images and gameplay footage. But, nothing ever really screamed out creepy. It looked just like any other innocent game that most kids would love to play. Great! Until I discovered the bottom of the well.

A place that is filled with some of the most horrendous monsters in gaming history. Alongside which, there are several invisible walls and holes in the floor. All to get an item which (technically speaking) you don’t really need. I was creeped out and I’m a grown adult. Imagine being a kid playing through this location. And the final boss? Don’t even get me started. Who designs these things anyway? And who thought it would be a good idea to let kids play it?

This is proof that game developers are all just evil geniuses.

Image result for bottom of the well zelda ocarina of time
What even is that? Who designed this? This is not okay game devs!

So, those were some of the horrifying and creepy locations in non-horror games. Can you think of any other? Leave a comment and let us know. Happy Halloween!


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