The Red Front PC Twin-Stick Shooter Review

The Red Front, a game that has been published and developed by 10ftgames an independent developer, this being their first game, they have a lot to work on.

December 1941 – The Third Reich has reached Moscow and are preparing the final invasion. In secret, the Soviet army has constructed a super tank that you will pilot. Leading the charge against the invading Nazi’s, defend Moscow, crush the Reich and take the fight back to Hitler himself!

This game is a top-down, twin stick shooter set in the Soviet-era.

The plot in The Red Front is simple, nothing special, the Soviet Union have developed a Super Tank to defend its land from The Third Reich, that’s it, oh and you get to kill Hitler at the end. That is the plot of this whole game, the campaign can be completed in less than 20 hours, which gets extremely, extremely repetitive, fighting the same waves of enemies. Including, soldiers, tanks etc. some of them drop upgrades to your tank when they are killed, that give your Super Tank even more powerful weapons, such as lasers and Deathclouds (Don’t ask).

The Red Front Screenshot 1

I have to give it to the developers, the control of the tank is immaculate, I had no issues moving to where I needed to, but let me tell you, if you get stuck behind a building or tree, it’s time to fight for your life, because it will take you a decade before you free yourself from the situation you put yourself in. There are different areas in the game, you start in a green field, and end up in snowy Moscow, but before you move from are to area, you need to demolish through the 10 waves of enemies, each harder than the last. Believe me this will frustrate you to hell, I nearly gave up on the game, but pushed through. There is an upgrade system, which include using “Rubies” a currency you get after each mission, you can upgrade your tank, the health of your tank etc.

The Red Front Screenshot 2

The graphics are mediocre, nothing interesting, very bland, but not too eye-straining, it’s cartoony but at the same time still-art, it’s a real weird mixture, with a poor result.

What the Red Front does do extremely well and I have to thank the developers for this, is the atmosphere, the music and sounds make you feel like you are actually in 1941, it’s so accurate and not repetitive, you will be blown away by the sound design.

Written By Ramy

Ramy Bio ImageRamy a.k.a TheRedPharaoh is a freelance writer who enjoys tech and gaming, especially writing about it. He inspires to be a journalist, and bring knowledge of culture to the gaming community, to somewhat destroy cultural boundaries between gamers. Also to see the hidden cultural meanings and inspirations from games

One thought on “The Red Front PC Twin-Stick Shooter Review

  • October 30, 2017 at 4:54 am

    Thanks for the review – fair and some very good feedback!
    I have a couple of updates planned to The Red Front to add further variety and some more fun.

    In the long term, I will be building “The Red Front: Comrades” which will see the game available in 3D, co-operative multiplayer and far more features (Zone control, enhanced upgrade trees, more objectives, varied enemies). The game will still be retaining the arcade-feel and of course, the WWII goodness 🙂


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