Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Mode First Details.

Hit the open road with irl friends this time.

Details and screenshots for the upcoming multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV have been revealed.

Titled Comrades, the mode sees you and up to three friends hit the world of Eos with your very own custom-made chocobro as you take on hunts, side quests and story missions.

As you earn experience you’ll be able to level up and customise your character at the Outpost, the mode’s central hub.

The DLC will include both single player and multiplayer missions, as well as a new fully explorable town, characters and areas to explore.

Cameos from the games main cast will also be added into the mode in future updates.

The game mode will have a beta run from August 3rd – 8th for anyone who previously bought the games season pass (yes I am currently kicking myself hard for buying all previously DLC’s separately)

The beta will allow players to try their hand at three quests, as well as a limited look at the games progression and character customisation options.

You can read more about the games beta and full release features on the games official site below

No final release date has been given for Comrades, so it is unclear if it will launch before or after the final season pass single player DLC Episode Ignis, which has a substantially far off release date of December.

Though Episode Ignis and Comrades will round out Final Fantasy XV’s season pass content, a recent poll Square Enix ran in which they asked players what future DLC’s they would like to see suggests future dlc will continue post season pass.

Sqaure Enix said frequently that they would be adding to and expanding on Final Fantasy XV intensively post launch and so far that seems very true with future DLC’s, updates such as the recent Regalia type-D that allows players to take the car off-road, the VR exclusive monsters of the deep (for people who thought spending nearly 10 hours fishing to get the platinum trophy wasn’t enough) and the recent mobile game. (though the less we talk about that the less I die inside)

The addition of multiplayer to the game’s universe is an exciting one and I will be looking in jealousy at videos of the modes gameplay next week, this may be one of the only scenarios where buying the season pass was a good idea.

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