Life is Strange: Before the Storm Now on Pre-Order

If you were a fan of the time traveling episodic series Life is Strange (I certainly am, check out this review here) then you should be excited about the standalone, three episode prequel featuring Chloe the rebellious partner to Max (Maxine Caulfield) called Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


The twenty-minute footage shown at E3 2017 looks great, and shows that this prequel looks every bit as good as Life is Strange. Though there’s no time travel in this one of course, otherwise all of Chloe’s surprise over Maxine’s powers in Life is Strange was either good acting on her part or due to sever amnesia. However, the game still includes multiple outcomes and the ability to use Chloe’s Attitude to get what she wants (or not).

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is set three years before the adventures in Life is Strange this time playing as Chloe Price. After getting to know the beautiful and popular Rachel Amber, Chloe learns that Rachel has a family secret that could change everything for Rachel. The new friends must band together and find a way to defeat their own personal demons and closet skeletons.

Personally, I’d love them to go back and make updates to Life is Strange to include the outcomes of the prequel, but I can’t see this happening unfortunately. Still, would be nice though.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode 1 will be available on xBox One, PS4 and Steam on August 31st. If you pre-order the deluxe edition, you not only get all three prequel episodes once they are available but also a number of new original costumes for Chloe and a brand new episode featuring Maxine, called ‘Farewell’ which is a must for any die-hard fan.

We’ll bring you all the Life is Strange: Before the Storm news as we get it. Don’t go far.

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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