Glitch vs. Clog (Android Review)

Mobile gaming has always received heat from hardcore gamers. Releasing games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Flappy Bird these type of games have become a phenomenon. At times gamers do have the right to complain, and this is apparent about Glitch vs. Glog. Glitch vs. Clog is a very generic and repetitive Android game with no real end goal. This game holds no storyline, unclear controls, simple graphics, simple sound, and no replayability. Not having all this is disappointing despite it being free from Google Play, but free does not mean exceptional.


Mobile gaming can have good stories, but is that the selling point? For Glitch vs. Clog it’s not the case , the game suffers from not having a story. No story indicates pure gameplay. The only background we have is that you play as Glitch who needs help navigating the dangerous Clogland. As far as anything interesting this is all the game offers.


Cliche enough, scoring points is the objective of each level and most of all a three-star system counts the total points earned on an individual level. To start gaining points, you only randomly drop Glitch. Once released the character bounces of asteroids and other objects. So, the more you bounce, the more points you receive. Using Power-ups such as Shields, teleporters, and health packs will allow for longer sessions. A downside to understanding the game is that it is very unclear how the controls work. It was laborious even to figure out whether you can influence the direction in which Glitch can go; estimating controls was pretty frustrating, to say the least.

Glitch vs. Clog Screenshot



In today’s world Colors graphics are becoming better and better. Even though most of the time graphics are the most important, we have expectations. Visuals of Glitch and the world are monotone with nothing different throughout the levels. Models are always 2D, and movement is not fluid with frames rates regularly dropping. Again, the visual aspect is not significant, but it does affect this game’s rating


Music is very dull, and the same song plays through most levels. There may be little change in the songs feeling, but it is always identical. Sound design is lame mainly because there isn’t much happening in the game besides Glitch hopping around like a pinball.


Going back to play the game would be tedious. You could try to gain a 3-star rating, but this game fails to grab your attention. Playing this game is either dull or very disappointing to spend any time on.

Mario Bertrand

Mario Bertrand

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