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Intense, diverse, riotous, and democratic. All but these words escape me when describing the Sony PlayStation E3 2017 conference. Pyrotechnics, zombies, and a melodic light show combined to make quite a theatrical performance. In addition, some amazing games are on their way with nearing release dates. Here I’ll share some highlights and first impressions of this year’s showcase.

Days Gone (Dec. 2017?) – PlayStation 4

Opening in a humid, luminescent forest infested with zombies, the Days Gone gameplay trailer looked amazing. The animations were smooth and natural, the characters expressive and absurdly realistic. Plus, zombies hung from the stage’s arc, recreating a scene from the game as the trailer played. All in all, Days Gone seems promising.

Marvel v. Capcom Infinite (Sept. 18th, 2017) – PlayStation 4

At first, the story trailer for Marvel v. Capcom Infinite seemed milquetoast. Then I squealed. Why? Two words: Mega Man. I don’t follow the Marvel v. Capcom games. However, this game might resurge an interest. Check out this trailer for more on the story itself.

God of War (early 2018) – PlayStation 4

I never invested in the God of War franchise. Excessively violent games never attracted me. That notwithstanding, this recent installment of God of War looks fascinating. It seems deeper than previous installments. Kratos’ family dynamics come the fore in what appears to be a darker, more weighty epic.

Detroit Become Human (no release date) – PlayStation 4

Earlier I said ‘diverse’ adequately described the conference. Games like Detroit Become Human justify that claim. This topical, contemporary game covers an ever-increasing worry about the future of technology: Will robots rise against humans? I foresee a philosophical goldmine for players to enjoy and cannot wait for this game to hit the shelves.

Spider-Man (2018) – PlayStation 4

Lastly, a “true [PlayStation 4] exclusive.” Sony debuted almost ten minutes of gameplay footage from an upcoming Spider-Man game. And it looks phenomenal. Almost everything feels right: acting, action, music, character design. Hopefully, Sony didn’t show off too much in one video.


So, Sony really brought it this year. Their conference was amazing. What did you think of the conference? See any games you’re excited for? Any games you missed at E3? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other E3-related posts.

Ryan Shields

Ryan Shields

A young, thoughtful, amateur ludologist, who enjoys philosophy and what philosophy can teach us about gaming. Whether it's Aristotle and the latest RPG release or Lyotard and the future of VR, I'm eager to see how and what video games today assist us into living well together.

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