Xbox One X

That’s right, Project Scorpio is officially called the Xbox One X, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but It could be worse right? Geoff Keighley’s statement from e3 2017 earlier today proved correct; the Xbox One X will launch at $499 on November 7th, worldwide. The new model will support all Xbox One accessories and is the most powerful console to date, not to mention the smallest Xbox ever. Native 4K and HDR, are here as promised but surprisingly, Microsoft promises a sharper 1080P on none 4K displays.

Forza 7

Software wise, the conference opened with a trailer for a sharp looking Forza 7. Promising 4K and 60 FPS on Xbox One X, it looks promising. Microsoft proceeded to once again bring a car on stage, for God knows what reason.

Metro Exodus

The third installment in the Metro series debuted a trailer. Showing off mutant bears and a cameo from the actual E3 hype train. I never played the second Metro game, but I’d mark the first as an under-appreciated gem, this is one to look out for.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ubisoft is the leakiest ship in the gaming industry, most of what we learned about the title had been known since at least earlier today thanks to a leaked Game Informer digital scan that was circulated.


Assassin’s Creed: Origins is set in Egypt where you play as Bayek, a sort of Egyptian sheriff. The story will cover the founding of the Assassin’s order and features a multitude of new mechanics. Origins is filled with RPG mechanics; enemies don’t go down so fast anymore and even have health readouts. A color coated equipment system is present along with leveling tied to ability points. The final moments of the trailer show Bayek entering a first person perspective to fire his bow.

Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds

In a big win for Microsoft, Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds, the insanely popular battle royal multiplayer game will be making it’s console debut on Xbox One later this year.


Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic gave us a look at a squad based co-op multiplayer game with hints of survival elements like crafting.


State of Decay 2

I never so much as dipped my toe into State of Decay, but those who like it seem to really like it. I can see why the brutal combat is nothing to scoff at. I personally, just don’t need another zombie game.


The Darwin Project

These “murder island” games seem to be growing in popularity every day. The Darwin project’s take on the large scale multiplayer takes a game show like approach complete with shout casting.



Minecraft and I went our separate ways a few years back. Those of you still playing will be happy to Know that Microsoft is uniting all Minecraft servers across PC and console. They’ll also be releasing a free 4K update this fall.

Dragon Ball Z Fighters

It leaked a few days ago that the folks behind Guilty Gear would be turning out a DBZ fighting game. At Microsoft’s conference, we got a trailer to back it up.

Black Desert

popular MMO RPG Black Desert Online will also make its way to Xbox in early 2018.


The Last Night

The Last Night, looks like Bladerunner levels of cyberpunk mixed with beautiful pixel art on even more gorgeous environments.

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape, has an art project come to life look and goes heavy on the music, check out the trailer.



The super anime souls like staring vampires had a new gameplay trailer to show off, running on an Xbox One X.

Sea of Thieves

One of the games I was most excited to see, Rare’s Sea of Thieves, gets a gameplay demo showing off treasure hunting and ship combat in the online world of pirates. We’ve also got a release window. We’ll be sailing together on Xbox One and Windows 10 in early 2018.



Remember Cuphead? I’m sure you kind of do, that platformer with the look of an old Steamboat Willy cartoon. We’ll after at least two years (who can remember?) We’ve got a release date. Cuphead comes exclusively to Xbox on September 29th.


Crackdown 3

Well, it had to be here, a trailer with a crazy enthusiastic Terry Crews dropped the date for Crackdown 3. It’ll launch side by side with the Xbox One X on November 7th.

Shadow of War

The gameplay demo for the sequel to Shadow of Mordor has me stoked to get back to recruiting orcs. It also has me scratching my head as to why all Orcs have a distinct South London accent. Can a Tolkein head fill me in?


Ori and the will of the Wisps 

Good news for fans of Ori and the Blind Forest, it’s getting a sequel, and it looks just as beautiful of the original. I never played the title myself, but maybe it’s time.


Backwards Compatibility 

Original Xbox Games, including Crimson Skies, will be joining the Xbox One backward compatibility program starting later this year.

In addition, multiple existing games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 2 will be getting free 4K updates.


Yesterday EA promised us more on Bioware’s new project during Microsoft’s press event, and they delivered. Behold the badass gameplay trailer for Anthem.





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