The Sims Mobile – Create Your Legacy

Yes. that’s right, The Sims is coming to your mobile or tablet at some point soon. It isn’t surprising that EA is jumping on this opportunity and it certainly isn’t the first Sims game on this platform. However, this time, they really have gone all out. The Sims Mobile is offering fun, creativity and a chance to take your Sims wherever you go.

Collect Heirlooms and Build Your Story

If you have’t already seen the trailer, the new Sims Mobile game will play a little differently to the PC and console versions. Despite it’s Sims 4 look, it is not Sims 4. In this rendition of the game, the big feature is building your legacy. Of course, you do that in the normal games too. But, the more heirlooms you collect, the more your sims can do. Each heirloom allows for a deeper story and can even unlock new careers. Or a least, that’s the theory. The concept actually looks quite good. Whether it is executed well is another story.

Build and Customise

As you would expect from a Sims game, you can build and customise your Sim and house. Honestly, I don’t know why they haven’t done this sooner. The customisation actually doesn’t look half bad. The fact that you can build your own houses too is pretty awesome. If Minecraft can do it, then The Sims can do it too. You can even customise your Sim to some degree. Although a lot of the clothing and hairstyles do look like they have just been transferred from the Sims 4. The graphics don’t actually look too bad either and keeps that cartoony look about it. However, it does look like some of the objects and clothing will be paid content, which is mildly frustrating. Especially so if they make it a paid game in the first place. Then again, this is EA, so it isn’t really surprising.

sims mobile customise
Customise your own mini Sim, build a family and continue your legacy!

Sims Mobile Multiplayer?

Now, this one is not a certainty but by the looks of things, you can play with your friends. There does look to a be an online feature where you can invite other Sims to parties, romance them and even move in together. I don’t know if this is a feature but it would be awesome if that was the case. Either way, the fact that this game has so much more than any other Sims mobile game is a pleasant surprise.

I would like to see how the new Sims mobile game plays when it is eventually released. There is no confirmation at this stage as to when it will be released but we’l keep an eye out. Since this announcement was only made the other day, I can imagine we won’t have to wait long. I’m already eager to see if they’ve added any new ways to kill your Sims off. That’s normal, right?




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