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Grab The Bottle from developer Kamina Dimension hit Steam early access back in December of 2016. I finally got around to taking a look at the unique puzzle game, and its simple design brings forth something rather addictive. You play as a hand with a, well, ridiculously long arm, and a simple task, grab the bottle. Whether it be a baby bottle, soda bottle, or beer bottle, find a way to grab it. What seems simple at first glance becomes quite the challenge as you progress, from dodging obstacles to lengths of your own arm you leave in your wake.

Grab The Bottle’s simple control scheme makes it easy to jump right in. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move yourself up and down or speed up and grab objects. Grabbing on to certain objects will cause you to retract towards the start of the level which can be incredibly useful in solving more intricate puzzles. You can also use these objects to break glass and knock over specific obstacles.

In addition to the bottle itself, most levels are filled with other items you’ll have to grab before reaching for your titular goal. For example, you may need to grab a few bottle openers before you can enjoy that soda or a few pacifiers to really appreciate the taste of that baby bottle. The bottle will always be the last thing you can grab so make sure you don’t cut yourself off from the finish while reaching for everything.

Grab the Bottle Early Access Preview Screenshot 2

The art direction of Grab The Bottle is something that seemed to grow on me the more I played of the title. Its old school comic book vibe is the first thing you’ll notice. The menus even have panel lines. Something about the art screams old school flash game to me, and I mean that as a compliment. Grab The Bottle is everything those games were to me as a kid, addictive, and challenging with the slightest touch of crudeness.

All of Grab The Bottle’s sound effects seem to work as intended and the soundtrack lends a soothing elevator music sort of vibe. More than serviceable but nothing that would jump out at you. The sounds of objects breaking or your arm extending all evoke the correct reaction. The sound of a baby crying from the first section still makes me jump, but maybe that’s what they were going for.

Grab the Bottle Early Access Preview Screenshot

Grab The Bottle is a fun little game for the puzzle addict in all of us. It’s challenging and plays great whether you’re using your keyboard or a controller. At its $6.99 price point, it has more than enough content to satisfy you even in early access. I still have some more puzzles to tackle but hopefully the team at Kamina Dimension tacks on more soon.

Rich Meister

Rich Meister

Rich is 24 years old and lives in Long Island NY and has been video gaming for most of his life. His favorite genres are JRPGs and tactics RPGs.

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