What I Love and Hate About Mass Effect Andromeda So Far

I have played Mass Effect Andromeda for a good 15 hours already and I have barely scratched the surface. This game is big. Really big and, for the most part, I adore it. It has all the great Mass Effect things that we all wanted and it doesn’t just stop there. With a new galaxy to explore comes new dangers and excitements. And also new frustrations and loves. I wanted to share with you some of the things I enjoy least enjoy about this game. I may change my mind later, but I’m woman so I’m allowed.

Jumping, Dodging and Hovering

This may seem like a small thing, but to those of us who have played Mass Effect before, it’s a dream come true. The fact that you can now jump around on new alien planets made me extremely happy. Then, when I discovered the dodge button, I nearly lost it. I think I made quite an impression on the indigenous life forms as I jumped and skimmed across their planet. No wonder they started shooting at me. But, the best was yet to come. The hovering system during combat is perhaps my favourite feature. Now no enemy can hide from me! Andromeda doesn’t even know what’s hit it.

Verdict: Love

ME Andromeda combat
Hovering while in combat is one of the better features of the game

Loading Screens

If you’ve played the game, you may be thinking, “What loading screens?” And that’s my point. Instead of a static image with a little loading bar, you now get interesting animations. Especially when leaving the planet or exploring star systems. And it is fun, for a while. But, eventually it becomes a little tedious. I don’t constantly want to see the Tempest taking off or landing. I know there is probably a way to turn it off but I still prefer it against any other loading screen. I like the fact that Andromeda hid the loading time behind and animation but it does get a little annoying sometimes.

Verdict: Somewhat dislike





I honestly didn’t think that the viability system would be something I would enjoy, but I do. More importantly, it’s the little things you do to make the planet more viable. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing that bar reach 100%. Perhaps its that sense of accomplishment or perhaps I’m just strange. Either way, those settlers better be grateful for it.

Verdict: Love

ME Andromeda monolith


I can tell you now, I’m not a fan. I don’t mind looking for the monoliths, I don’t really mind completing the sudoku-like puzzle to activate them. But, I really don’t like having to hunt for the glyphs. It is a tedious process overall, finding the monolith, killing the remnant, hunting for the glyphs and then completing the puzzle. Bear in mind you have to do this three times. Alongside the expansive worlds and thousands of side missions, it just feels like more work. Don’t get me wrong, it can be rewarding, I just don’t enjoy it very much.

Verdict: Dislike

As I said before, there is still so much more to Mass Effect Andromeda that I haven’t seen yet. I’m sure I will find more things throughout that I perhaps find more frustrating but I’m hoping I’ll love it more. My biggest love is the story telling which always has blown me away in the Mass Effect games. And, for now, I am really enjoying it. Let’s hope it stays that way.


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