With the release of Mass Effect Andromeda we look back at some of the funny (and sometimes horrifying) Mass Effect glitches and bugs that plagued the series. There are probably hundreds of glitches out there but we have chosen the ten that either made us chuckle or made us sleep with the lights on. Enjoy!

1. An Eye Popping Experience

Mass Effect Glitch Eye Popping

Whether it was the stress of the world ending or somebody leaving the Normandy window open when they it was taking off but something just ain’t right with the Commanders eyes.


2. Excuse me…I think you have a lash in your eye

Mass Effect Glitch Eye Lashes

They say it’s good luck to blow on an eye lash, so I think someone is in for some very good luck (you know apart from her pending dry-eye issue)


3. I’ll be back

Mass Effect Glitch Terminator

Looks like a terminator was sent from the future to help with the pesky Reaper invasion.


4. I am Iron Man!

A deleted scene from the Avengers movie.


5. I can’t stand the look of you

I didn’t realize the crew of the Normandy were so passive aggressive.


6. When it’s more the just a fart…

Mass Effect Glitch Bad Fart

When you realize you shouldn’t have eaten that Krogan burrito.


7. Well that’s one way to clean out the sinuses

Mass Effect Glitch Sinus Clearing

Personal hygiene taken a little far on the deck of the Normandy.


8. You ok down there?

Mass Effect Glitch Bad Fall

Sometimes it looks worse than it actually is.


9. Watch your head on the door…oh never mind

I mean his moonwalk is decent but there’s no need to be big-headed.


10. What did you say?

This is probably the most recognizable Mass Effect glitch thanks in part to it becoming a meme.







There you have it! Our pick of the 10 best Mass Effect glitches. With these type of  glitches and bugs becoming an addition to most big budget games these days it’s no surprise we have all this gold to collect. This begs the question should a company delay the game and perfect it before release? Or should they release it with the bugs and glitches and then patch it up later? Thought?


Written by Ryan Ball

Adam Bio ImageRyan is a 25 year old from Canada. After realizing that the normal life wasn’t for him, he left college and decided to travel the world for a year. While in Japan he was able to geek out to his fullest, experiencing everything Japan had to offer. He’s a real retro gamer, he owns all the Nintendo systems and still manages to squeeze in some Duck Hunt now and again. He’s a huge fan of Assassins Creed, so much so that he’s going to Italy in April and plans on taking a rather large detour to Monteriggioni just so he can say he went to the Assassins Headquarters.


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