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Have you ever wondered what they world would be like if you could control gravity? Well, in this new 3D puzzle game by Blameless Games, you can. Time, Space and Matter is all about getting through the various rooms by solving the puzzle. Think Portal without the gun or the homicidal AI. So, it’s not really like Portal at all but it has a very similar feel. Except, instead of a gun you have a remote control. From what I’ve seen so far, it has promise so what do we already know.

Gravity is your friend

Now, we all know gravity is what keeps us firmly on the ground. But, in Time, Space and Matter it can do so much more than that. There are three different types of gravity zones; directional, levitation and hyper jump. That last one sounds like the most fun. I can imagine that you would get quite disoriented by continuously changing gravity. But, from the looks of the game play, it is going to be entertaining and equally frustrating solving all the rooms. At the same time, I can imagine the joy you will feel once you have figured it out. As long as the puzzles don’t become too chellenging that we want to give up half way through.

A story

This may be a small indie game but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a story. Time, Space and Matter promises to give us just that. Alongside the challenge of figuring out the puzzle of the gravity zones, you will get to find out what happened to the facility that they were created in. When the protagonist, Pete Spencer, arrives at the facility where they developed the technology, he finds it abandoned. The engineers who crafted the bizarre obstacle course are gone. But, Pete is determined to use it for his own agenda. Whatever that may be. I really hope that the story is just as interesting as the gameplay. I suppose we will just have to wait until the game is released.

Find it on Steam Greenlight

I am sincerely hope that this game can deliver on its promises. It is currently on Steam Greenlight looking to get itself into full production soon. The developer already made a great game with Blameless, another interesting puzzle/thriller game. With that game, there were different endings dependent on how you played. I doubt that it will be the same with this game but it will be interesting to find out.

You can go support Time, Space and Matter on Steam now. Check out the link here.


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