Efi Oladele New Overwatch Hero Update

So once again Overwatch rumours are circulating the game like those stars cartoon characters get when they get knocked out. At first the internet was convinced that an incarnation of Doomfist will be the 24th hero to join Overwatch. I wrote a piece here that shows what I’d pieced together, though since the introduction of an AI expert called Efi Oladele the picture has changed considerably.

I wasn’t completely wrong but everything is pointing in a new direction now. So what’s new?

Well, first Blizzard released an interview with Efi Oladele. In the interview we learn that Efi is an AI and robotics expert who’s recently won the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious Genius Grant. This is a fantastic feat in itself, but even more impressive when you learn that Efi is only eleven years old.

In true Blizzard fashion they have now released via Twitter Efi’s shopping list of things she wants to buy.

Efi’s Oladele’s Things To Get List

Most of these are parts of for what can only be assumed is an Omniac like the OR-15’s. She mentioned these in her interview so we know she’s a fan, and the chassis on her list confirms it.

She has already got hold of an Axiom Vocal Processor seeing as it’s crossed off her list. If we take a look around Numbani (Efis hometown) there is a poster advertising the Axiom Vocal Processor, showing an OR-15 which also just happens to share the colour palette of the paints she’s added to her shopping list.

While we’re on the subject of Numbani posters there is also another one advertising Fashion Week that takes place in Numbani, Paris and New York. The Numbani Airport was attacked by Omniacs (Read more about the Numbani Aiport Confrontation). But, before all this took place eagle-eyed players noticed that the flight schedule had changed. The Paris and New York flights had changed from delayed to on-Time.

Numbani Terminal Arrivals Board

It’s too much of a coincidence for Fashion Week not to be involved somehow. Also, in the interview when Efi was asked what she is going to do with her grant money she hints at her family taking her abroad and it’s her first time on a plane. So, are we to assume that Efi’s treat is related to fashion Week.

Taking a look at the Miniature Tobelstein Reactor, we know by looking at Zarya’s sprays that her weapon uses this very same technology. But this same weapon uses this technology for both shields and damage so we don’t know which function Efi needs it for. In her interview she wanted to build something that would keep her safe, and this technology could do this in either offence or defence.

Another item that is causing quite a bit of discussion is a Branford Arm. The fact that Doomfists arm has gone missing from the Numbani payload, and something did attack the Numbani airport, leads to a super-villain sort of character. Though, it’s difficult to believe that Efi would have anything to do with stealing a mega-weapon. Maybe Doomfist attacks Fashion Week for some reason forcing Efi to use her creation to stop him?

Doomfist Stolen from Numbani Payload

There’s also a mention of Lucio-oh’s! on the list, but I’m figuring a nutritious breakfast is not going to be part of Efi’s creation, unless she creates a snack module for it..

Blizzard keeps releasing more and more snippets of information and maybe some mis-information to keep us on our toes. Maybe Doomfist will be a special event super-villain, and it will be this event that introduces Efi to the game. Will Efi actually fight or will she remain behind the scenes as her creation fights for her? Of course this entire thing could be subterfuge. Maybe Efi Oladele is the supervillain, maybe it’s her creation that destroyed the airport, though with everything that’s been said, I highly doubt it.

Stay tuned for more Overwatch Efi Oladele info when we have it.


Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin

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