Starship Assassin Beta is on its way

Starship Assassin is an online multiplayer 3rd-person arena shooter created by Dave Sullivan. The main aim is to destroy your opponent’s AI core before yours gets wiped out by enemy assassins. The game will feature diverse roles – allowing players to have the choice of whether they want to play defence, offence, or focus on gathering resources to strengthen their AI core. Players will also be able to choose from 6 playable characters!

Before this time, only certain YouTubers and Twitch Streamers have been granted access for the game, but now everyone will get a chance to play. The launch date for the month-long open beta is March 3rd. From these date they’re encouraging you to go in and take a look around, and why not destroy some of your friends as well, while you’re there.

Features of the game:

Multiplayer Madness – Dedicated servers minimise lag. Play with friends!

Base Building – Defend your core with shield generators and resource miners.

Low Gravity Combat – Jump and dash through space to defeat your enemies.

90’s Retro Graphics – Low-poly graphics to get that retro sci-fi feel.

Laser Swords – Hot beams of light you can hit people with!

The developer of the game, Dave Sullivan said:

“Starship Assassin is basically the game I wish I had when I was a kid in the 90s”.

Well now, twenty years on, he’s made his dream a reality and now we can all wander round his dream, making sure to pick up any rubbish we leave and to take care of the environment, of course.

Anyway, If you want to sign up to get into the early access of the beta, head to Starship Assassin’s official site (link below) and sign up. Oh, and why don;t you head to Dave’s Twitter page as well? Go on, you might like it.

Official Site:


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