Pit People Early Access First Impressions

The world is in disarray. Acid bear blood rains from the sky. Your family is dead and all you have is your revenge. Pit People is a wildly silly and hilarious game. It mixes turn-based tactics and cartoon humour to bring you an adventure like no other. This one comes straight from the jaws of The Behemoth, the developers that brought you Battle Block Theatre and Castle Crashers. Despite it being in Early Access, Pit People already has so much to it. Which isn’t surprising seeing as it has taken the 3 years to get this far. So, I bet you’re dying to find out more. Here is my first impressions on this kooky and crazy game.

Strategy and Tactics

I am not usually overly fond of strategy games. I find them tedious and a bit boring. However, when I first saw Pit People. I was immediately drawn to it. Perhaps it has something to do with the hilarious voice over that follows you throughout. Anyway, the tactics system in this game is really not difficult to grasp. You do need to have the right team put together but once you do, there isn’t anything you can’t do. I really like the turn-based system and I love the challenge that comes with trying to figure out where to place your team. Also, let’s not forget the hilarious voices that some of the characters have.

Pit People Screenshot

Customise Your Pit People

This is definitely one of the most fun parts for me. I love customising my team to make them as bad-ass as possible. And, also because you can make them throw potatoes instead of axes and it amuses me greatly. But, not only do you get the choose your armour and weapons, you can also customise who is on your team. If you explore enough, you can recruit new and interesting characters into your group. All of which have different skills and abilities that are useful in a variety of situations. From healing cupcake men to unicorn artillery, I absolutely loved the range of characters. But, choose wisely. You need to pick the right team to go against different mobs. It takes a bit of thinking but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you’re doing it. Why not have a Giant carrying a baby rattle into battle?

Adventure Awaits!

The story for this game is not really relevant. The fun comes from the adventuring and fighting. The great thing is you don’t just have to play alone. You can join a friend and play together making the experience even more hilarious. Bear in mind that as you level it does get increasingly more difficult. And the world likes to shift and change on occasion so nothing is ever really the same. But, what isn’t fun about that? I’m not sure if the developers are planning on adding more to the game. At this point, I really don’t know what else they could add. It is already a great game so anything else will just be a bonus. This is a hilarious experience that would make a great addition to any game library.

Check out Pit People now on Steam Early Access


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